Gratitude Sunday

August 2013

I have not been updating on my Gratitude Sunday posts. It is not because I have nothing to give thanks to but, I just have too many things to be thankful for.

For one, I am really busy these few weeks because I am maid-less(or helper-less) again. This time round, the story is even more incredulous and it involved a crazy maid(like literally crazy), her crazy behavior(crying all the time, washing clothes at 11ish at night, threatening to hurt the kids, etc) and finding out more absurd behavior(like her keeping her soiled sanitary pads in her bag and my fridge, and keeping a packet of unknown hair in her bag). Nonetheless, I am thankful that she is gone and she did not hurt or managed to harm any of my family members. On hindsight, things could be much worse if we did not detect her mental instability earlier.


Being able to spend all the time with the kids!


(The kids, enjoying bath time together!)


(Getting Ryan to colour within the lines of the shapes.)


(Ryan’s favourite toy cars. He spends at least 30 minutes arranging them everyday! This gives me time to clean Baby Gillian up in the morning. However, he gets upset when one of his cars go missing…)

I suppose you can understand why I have been back-dated on my blog posts. There are just endless things to do everything everyday- cleaning of the house(omg, I hate washing the toilets!), caring for the kids(cleaning the endless poop of two kids), preparing and cooking the meals, preparing art sessions and cleaning up after that, try to read books to the kids…. So far, I am enjoying my time with the kids. Sometimes, I get carried away with the cleaning(not that I do a great job at it) but everything has been wonderful.

My mother has resigned from her job to care for the kids. I will need to return to work in September. Really pray and hope the new helper will be good and be of help to my mother.


Started to use more mandarin at home.


Last week, I have started on a Mandarin Immersion Month for the kids. Ryan knows very little mandarin and it is making me quite worried. (Actually, I am really concerned that he does not know even his Chinese name. Hmm…) E and I bought some Little Mandarin Package for Ryan. I started playing some Mandarin DVDs and I hope Ryan gets to pick up some mandarin from there. So far, he likes some Mandarin songs like 一二三四五六七, 我的朋友在那里 and something else. That is a start and I am thankful for that. *sigh*


Leon’s back safely!


(Here’s a family photo of everyone on Leon’s 24th birthday in July 2013!)

My younger brother just came back from his two weeks holiday in the US. So, I am glad that he is safe and sound. He even bought me a new Kate Spade wallet. That is my first wallet from him- so happy! Looking forward to my first Chanel wallet from him when he becomes rich and successful! (Wow, what kind of sister am I? A sister who believes in the capabilities of my brother!) Anyway, he will be leaving for Hong Kong for his exchange for the next six months. Pray that God will keep him safe and healthy when he is over there.


Baby Gillian, being so thoughtful.


(Here’s a picture of her on her exersaucer. Actually, we won this exersaucer during the Baby Show in 2012. Luckily we did not give it away as Baby Gillian can get to use it now!)


(Baby Gillian in her vintage looking swimming costume. Looking forward to bring her for a swim as soon as she recovers from her flu!)

Baby Gillian is growing up really well. In fact, she managed to flip a few times today. Will want to update her first flip on another post. All her firsts deserve a single post! Heehee. I am thankful that Baby Gillian is growing well. Ryan still demands a huge part of my attention most of the time and Baby Gillian has been very understanding.


Survived my first solo trip with the kids.


(Baby Gillian, with me at Hokey Pockey.)


(Ryan enjoying his fries at Mac Donalds while I get some rest and phone-time.)

I survived my first solo afternoon trip with the kids. I packed everything and drove the kids to Marina Square. Had lunch with Mister E before heading off to Hokey Pokey with the kids. After almost 4 hours of being there, we had a break at Mac Donalds. It was an extremely tiring trip but it made me more confident of bringing the duo out myself!


Okay, I need to head off to dreamland now. I am out for now. Will try to blog more often next week!




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