Playdate with Double Ms

August 2013

Last week, I went to Salena’s house for a playdate for our kiddos. Salena is my close friend from NIE. Coincidentally, our lives are very similar in many ways. Like how we both got married in the same year, we gave birth to two of our kids in the same years as well. What I love about her would be that she has a great personality we are often on the same wavelength. She is a wonderful mother- she is passionate about preparing healthy meals for her kids and she is so creative in engaging her child’s learning!



(The boys chomped down their delicious breakfast while the ladies just chilled out in the playroom)



(Ryan and Mika fooling around in the playroom.)




(The ladies- Gillian and Mishael, enjoyed preening for the camera and being mesmerized by their reflections.)

That morning, Salena prepared banana pancakes for the kiddos. Her pancakes were made from scratch! Not from the box like mine. Too much preservatives, she said. The best thing was Ryan loves the fluffy banana cakes! Ryan is the reason of me why I have taken a new interest in food preparation. This year, he has been sick really too often and  Dr Vasanthi told us that it could be he was lacking in nutrition. As a mother, I feel it is my responsibility to ensure that he eats more and have better food. Hence, it started me wanting to be more involved in his diet.

Anyway, Salena shared with me a rough recipe. She does not have the exact recipe because she goes by the “feel” of it. Heehee. I am intending to prepare it for breakfast tomorrow. So I am crossing my fingers.



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