i-angel- Mission One

August 2013

Hello Everyone!

Baby Gillian is going to be 5 months soon! Time really flies when with babies around. She is older and more much curious about her environment. Hence, bringing her out is  very enjoyable. However, the logistics is can be quite tricky for me, especially so when I am bringing a 4 months old baby along with my active 2 year old Ryan.

Usually when I bring them to the park by myself, I will have to hold Ryan’s hands(and pray that he does not let go and run amok) while carrying Baby Gillian in my arms. So, you can imagine the amount of stress and strain that I put on my back and arms whenever I bring the kiddos out. Hence, E and I were looking to get a baby carrier for me to carry Baby Gillian so that it will make my outings with the kids easier.

It is important to invest a good baby carrier especially if the baby is going to be sitting in it for an extended amount of time. While I am looking forward to being hands-free, E and I are in agreement that the baby’s comfort is our priority. We were looking for a baby carrier that helps to distribute the baby’s weight evenly, offers correct alignment of the baby’s pelvis and sacrum and is easy on my spine(yes, my poor spine. :().

Looking at the picture(taken from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute) above, you will have an idea on which style of baby carrier may cause hip dislocation for babies versus which type of baby carriers is safer and healthier for babies’ developing hips.


So, when we got selected to be one of the i-angels ambassadors, I was totally psyched. While doing my research on the various models of baby carriers, I read so much about the i-angel Hip Seat Baby Carrier. One of the Ham Hams, Christina bought the same i-angel Hip Seat Baby Carrier for her baby daughter and they look really happy using the carrier!


The design of the i-angel Hip Seat Baby Carrier is very different from the other brands in the market. It comes with a hip seat and also a carrier that you can choose to attach to the hip seat, depending on the situation or your preference. i-angel Hip Seat Baby Carrier is the first hip seat carrier in the world!

There are 16 different colours and design for the Hip Seat Carrier. The i-angel carrier that was being sent to us was the Four Season Hip Seat and we got the carrier in cheerful Floral Orange. This colour and design is pretty much unisex and I can utilise the i-angel Hip Seat Baby Carrier for both Baby Gillian and Ryan!


As an i-angel ambassador, there are three missions that we will have to complete.
First up, I will be sharing on my feedback on product design and opening.


If you look and use the i-angel Hip Seat Baby Carrier, you will realise that every part of this baby carrier is designed with the users (parents and babies) in mind. Now, I am going to share what are the different parts of the I-angel! It looks complicated however, once you use it few times, you will get a hang on how to use it/put it on in no time.

The outer shell of the i-angel Hip Seat Baby Carrier is made of soft cotton, which is very suitable for babies and toddlers because of their sensitive skins. Also, i-angel Hip Seat Baby Carrier does not use any chemical as colour fixing agent and bleach. The hip seat and the carrier are both very light, which makes it very easy for users to bring them around.

PicMonkey Collage1

1. This is the hip-seat which is made from top-grade compressed foam. The seat is very comfortable because the makers have make a soft saddle, using sponge to put on top of the foam.

2. The black apple-shaped part is an anti-slip feature. You can see that the hip-seat provides a relatively wide surface area for the babies/toddlers to sit on. Hence, you can be sure that the baby/toddler who is in the carrier is in a very comfortable and supported position.

3. To ensure that the child is very safe using the hip seat, the adult using the hip seat will have to fasten the velcro tape first before buckling it with the waist buckle. Although it’s called hip seat, it is supposed to wear around your waist. When you put your baby onto the hip seat, you can see baby’s weight is pushing down the hip seat. It will be good if you start wearing the belt very tightly around the waist, then pull down a bit to cover the hip bone. You can also click on this video clip to see how the hip seat and carrier can be worn.

4. I particularly like the wide and thick hip band so the additional weight of carrying a baby will not strain my back and hips.


1. This is the baby carrier that you can choose to attach to the hip-seat. depending on the situation/circumstances.

2. The shoulder cushions are light and thick which provides comfort to the parents using the carrier.

3. There is a chest buckle to lock at the back to prevent the shoulder straps from running down.


This is the 3-dimensional sleeping hood which will hold the Baby’ Gillian’s head so that it will not fall backwards when she is sleeping. It is also useful to shield her from the strong sunlight when we are out in the park or beach.


One set of teething pad was also included in the package. The teething pad is made of 100% organic cotton and when you touch, you can feel the ultimate softness. This will come in handy when Baby Gillian starts teething and drooling.


Upon opening up the box, I was so excited to test-drive the product. I received the i-angel baby hip seat and carrier on the 23 August, Friday and since then, I have been using it everyday! For this post, I will be sharing the different positions that you can carry your baby using the i-angel baby hip seat and carrier.

1.  Face-in with the hip seat


2. Face-out with hip seat




Once you can attach the carrier to the hip seat, you can be hands-free while carrying your baby!


You can connect the two pieces using the connection zip and safety lock.



3. Face-out with the hip seat and carrier attached.



4. Face-in with the hip seat and carrier attached.

This is a position that you can consider using when your baby is asleep because it will be very comfortable for the baby. Your baby will be listening to your rhythmic heart beat, the closeness and motion will ensure that babies will be asleep in a gentle, peaceful way.




When you are outdoors and if the weather is warm, there is also the sleeping hood that you can put down for your baby!

PicMonkey Collage


The i-angel hip seat + carrier is an awesome because we get to use it for both Baby Gillian and Ryan. i-angel Hip Seat Baby Carrier is able to carry  babies from 3.5kg to 20kg! As of now, Ryan weighs around 13-14kg and so, he is suitable to be in it as well. In fact, whenever he sees Baby Gillian in it all, he insists that he wants to be in it too! (-_-)”’ Thankfully, because of how ergonomic this baby carrier is, very little strain is being felt on the spine, back and shoulders if the baby carrier is worn correctly.



Okay, we are out for now. Will be making more outdoor trips with the kiddos these days because of our handy i-angel baby carrier. Do lookout for our reviews on Mission 2 and 3 on the blog!


The i-angel baby carrier for this post is kindly sponsored by Baby Marcel.



One thought on “i-angel- Mission One

  1. Yenny Susanto says:

    may i know, the zip that attach the hipseat and the carrier is it sturdy enough with your carrier? with mine i also bought josh, i feel like its easy to slip when not properly attached. it can still zip even it it doesnt click. once the detached, lucky i check before using it, and i used it before as piggy back, lucky the hipseat still can bear the weight. is it like this or mine is faulty?

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