B kids Play with me Gym

August 2013

Our little sweetheart has something new to entertain her lately and it is the B Kids Play with me Gym! This is an award winning crib and play mat. Having it around these days is really useful as it helps to keep Baby Gillian entertained!

On weekdays, it is just me, Ryan and Baby Gillian at home in the day. Without a helper, there is plenty of household chores and cooking for me to do. Thus, I cannot always be there to monitor the kids as closely as I would like to be doing. For Ryan, I can usually get him to do some art work or maybe play with his cars. It is slightly trickier when it comes to ways to keep Baby Gillian occupied. Being 4 months, she is much more curious and alert. No longer can I just pass her some random toy and she will be kept entertained on her chair. As she is only 4 months, I cannot put her on an exersaucer for too long as she is still not quite too stable.

The B Kids Play with me Gym is my current life saver as Baby Gillian loves it! B Kids Play with me Gym is a highly colourful and interactive gym and it comes complete with character toys. It is an awesome play mat as I can leave Baby Gillian lying there while I go about preparing lunch for Baby Ryan and she will be quietly entertained. B Kids Play with me Gym is developed by Blue Box® which is in the line of manufacturing toys for over 60 years and Blue Box® understands the need for early development and stimulation. In this light, you cannot help but notice how this play may is carefully designed and created with the child in mind.



This mobile play gym comes complete with overhead canopy which features character toys like a sun and a monkey. Also, Baby Gillian is exposed to a myriad of cheery colours and textures to touch are delightful. This play mat is also made of very soft material and is easy to fold and store. Because of this feature of it being light and portable, I often bring the play gym over to my mother’s place. This way, Baby Gillian can play on the mat while I chat with my Mummy in the afternoon. Heehee.


Baby Gillian loves Mister Sun because she gets to see her reflection in it!


While it is a great toy that keeps the child entertained. I will still play with Baby Gillian on the play gym. Babies love the attention of their parents. By playing with her on the mat often, it helps to create a positive connotation for her when I the play gym out. Usually, I will get her to notice the different animals on the mat, her reflection on Mister Sun and also get her to grab the toys from Mister Monkey. Of course, everyone’s method of playing is different.


You can see how Baby Gillian enjoys playing with the dangling toys. This helps to develop her sensory and motor skills.





This multi play gym is suitable for newborns to 10 month old babies. This toy grows with the baby. Right now, Baby Gillian is much better on her tummy. Eventually, she will be able to sit on the mat and I will be able to use the play gym as a form of interaction board with her.


(Even Ryan cannot resist playing with his little sister on the mat. Awww…)



If you are wondering what gift you should get for a baby’s Man Yue, you certainly can’t go wrong with B kids Play with me Gym.



B kids Play with me Gym for this post are kindly sponsored by Spring Maternity.



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