Gratitude Sunday- On Mothers

August 2013

Sunday is coming in one hour’s time and I decided that I will just have a short post. Note to self- Always try to put in a Gratitude Sunday post so that I can count my blessings.

Ryan has been having fever without symptoms for the past 3 days. I tell you, it is really tiring to have a sick child. His fever is quite erratic like how it will suddenly spike up to 39.5 degree Celsius. We have seen two doctors- one GP and one pediatrician and both told us it is just a common viral fever. Ryan is the reason why I have been dabbling so much in the kitchen and will continue to do so in hope that he becomes healthier. After being a mother, I realise the importance of mothers in families. I recall how when I was young and having childhood asthma, my mother was the one who sat by my bedside, listening to my breathing, putting Vicks on my chest. She was the one who sponged me when I was having fever and prepared special meals for me when I was ill. Now that I am a mother, I am doing the same thing- the sponging his head, giving him suppositories when he refuses fever medicine and just sitting next to him, feeling his warm head and constantly taking his temperature. However, I am thankful because I am well enough to care for him.


Once again, I am so so so thankful for my mother. If you do not already know, she actually resigned from her job to care for the kids. I mean, that is a huge sacrifice! She could choose to be one of those weekend grandparents but she chose to help me and E out. My mother is an extremely giving person, except she does not want to be so “showy” about it. Parenting is a difficult job but grandparenting is not easy as well. My mother’s friends are enjoying their retirement age, doing things that they enjoy. On the other hand, my mother has to take up the mantle of care giving and disciplining the kids, on top of the cooking and cleaning. I really don’t know how she does it. While my mother likes to always whine very loudly to me, “Wah! Why I marry my daughter off but I still see her and her whole family all the time!”, I know deep down she cares for me. Last Thursday, when she knew I was bringing the two kids out to Marina Square, she offered to come along with me so that she could help me out. Last afternoon, when we were at the Parent World Fair, she came along to help me with a feverish Ryan and Baby Gillian while I went about doing some blogging stuff. I mean, how awesome is my mother! God is good- He gave me a mother who has absolute unconditional love and care for me and my family. I know that once I return to work in two weeks, it will be quite an uphill battle for my mother. Please pray that our new helper will be good and be of help to my mother and the kids will go easy on my mother. (I love you, Mummy! And I mean it from the bottom of my heart!)

I am also thankful for some positive news these days and it is spurring me to work harder! I believe everything happens for a reason and I cannot wait for more positive energy!



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