Parent World 2013- Part One

August 2013


Parents World Exhibition 2013 was held over the weekend and it is an annual event for parents. This three day exhibition is a one stop solution for parents. Such baby expos are always good for parents as there will always be good deals and exclusive discounts for most items such as diapers, baby food, kids’ clothes and so on. For the Parents World Exhibition, not only parents could snag good deals, there were also activities like The Cutest Baby Contest 2013, The Big B Event, Dora & Diego Meet and Greet and many more exciting highlights!

And, that was what our family did over the whole weekend. In fact, I was there for the whole three days! I also got a media invite by one of the writers at Red Tree Group to join on the tour on some of the booth on the second day. During the tour, I learnt more about the vision behind some of the businesses and how they cared for their clients and ensured their products are of top quality. I will be blogging two separate post- one on the event and the other on the Cutest Baby Show! Woohoo! Yes, our Baby Gillian joined her first Baby Show and it was at Parents World 2013!


The Big B Event




The B Big Event was organised by Parents World to set a new national record for the most number of mothers breastfeeding together. And yes, I joined this event especially since I(and Mister E) am a big believer of breastfeeding. The Big Event aimed to raise awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding and to encourage mothers to breastfeed for the first 6 months.


(Photo is from Yunni! Thank you!)

I participated this event with some of my fellow April 2013 Mummies group. In the photo above, you can see Yunni, me and our babies! On a side note, the top that I was wearing is from Spring Maternity. I love it because the outer colourful overlay serves as a nursing cover! It is a very convenient top as I managed breastfed Baby Gillian without a nursing cover during the event.


As I was there for the whole weekend, I can tell you that the exhibition got more crowded with each day. I will be sharing more of the different exhibits that caught my attention during the event.


PicMonkey Collage6

Singtel was at the exhibition and they have an awesome product- Home LIVE Cam. Basically, for a small monthly fee, we can set up a LIVE home monitoring system to see and record what is happening at home. With most families having to leave their kids alone with a domestic helper at home, it is always good to have such a monitoring system at home. I think we have heard enough horror maid stories(of course, there are some who are blessed with awesome helpers). Maybe it is time for us to invest in one to get us an added peace of mind.

Time Zone

PicMonkey Collage1

Thank goodness that there was a booth that catered for the kids to exhaust themselves. I cannot tell you how it helped to have a bouncy castle to exhaust Ryan and his tremendous energy. I am sure that was where the main bulk of coin went to over the weekend.

The Imagination Factory

PicMonkey Collage2

One of my favourite exhibitors would be The Imagination Factory. At The Imagination Factory, toys are usually open ended(more than a way of playing), promotes interaction and initiates pretend play.  I am not sure about you, but I very much prefer toys to technology. While I know that the tablet will possibly get Ryan more excited, I know that playing with good ol’ toys will help in his concentration and creativity.


PicMonkey Collage4

Plagentra Mother Care Series is the number 1 Professional Brand for pregnant women’s anti-stretch marks and Skincare in Korea! It is now available in Singapore, exclusively distributed by Korea Mama Private Limited! They also have many other products that are suitable for mothers and babies. In fact, I will be reviewing one of their products in the later posts and there is a giveaway! Wait for it!

Organic Basic

PicMonkey Collage3

Organic Basic is a Singapore brand started by two ladies who are very passionate on their mission in getting organic products that are suitable for people eczema. Their products(skin solutions for babies and mothers) are sourced, developed and created in New Zealand, known for her pristine and natural environment. All Organic Basic products start with that essential basics: all-natural, 100% botanical raw materials, of which more than 70% are certified organically grown ingredients. In fact, some of their products are already being sold in clinics and also beauty salons. Their aim is to bring to customers an affordable range of products that have the efficacy of premium, salon-grade products.


PicMonkey Collage5

Korean clothes for kids! Mad love everything about Korea, especially their fashion! And you can get them at a reasonable rate at thedotedline. thedotedline has not physical shop and their business is usually done via Facebook. In this light, you can be sure that you are getting your kids’ clothes at the best price possible. In fact, I bought 2 pieces of clothes for Baby Gillian from them for her finals in the Baby Show. Heehee.

Ocean Health


Ocean Health was also one of the exhibitors! And they are selling vitamins for kids. I really think Ryan needs to take such supplements. Like what I mentioned in my previous posts, Ryan is a fussy eater and sometimes it is frustrating for me. I know he needs his greens. I try my best to prepare his meals in the most child-friendly way. However, he still picks and nibbles at food. Hence, kids like him need to take supplements to boost their immune systems. Ocean Health has given me a small hamper of products and I intend to try them out with Ryan. Will update on more of it.



The final product that I will be sharing is Moony diapers. Moony diapers are of premium quality and they are made of breathable like material. In fact, Moony is one of the top-selling diapers in Japan and is made from the same company that produces Mamy Poko.  Moony diapers are imported directly from Japan by TinyTree and you can get them from their online shop at an awesome pricing!


The whole event was really well-organised and I can say, many parents including me and Mister E managed to get some good bargains or got introduced to some new baby products. As this is an annual event, and Parents World will be holding another Big B Event next year, I certainly hope I will be able to attend it again as well!



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