Firsts- Baby Gillian’s Baby Show at Parents World 2013 !

30 August- 1 September 2013

It was quite a last minute decision to get Baby Gillian to participate in The Cutest Baby Contest 2013 at Parents World 2013. I was quite skeptical about because every baby to me was just oh-so adorable! Mister E was the one who nudged me to register Baby Gillian for the contest. From his point of view, Baby Gillian is the most beautiful girl in the world. That is Daddy’s love and support for you! Awww… In fact, E brought my mother and I shopping for Baby Gillian’s contest dresses on Thursday. Hmm… that is Mister E for you.


On Friday, when I was still hesitant to go for the Preliminary round at 2.30pm because Ryan was running a high fever the night before. His fever did not subside in the morning. I called my mother to come over to help me as I wanted to bring Ryan to see a doctor. At 1ish, my mother reached my place. By then Ryan’s temperature went down slightly as I have given him the ibuprofen suppository for high fever. My mother encouraged me to bring Baby Gillian to the Baby Contest and told me that she will help me to monitor Ryan.

Baby Gillian and I managed to reach the Singapore Expo Hall 6A just 5 minutes before the closing time. There were so many parents with their bubbly and cute tots. For the Preliminary Round, there were 15 babies and everyone of them were dressed to their nines and they were all so bubbly and cute. I felt slightly awkward with just Baby Gillian while waiting for the contest to start. Fortunately, I met my ex-colleague, beautiful Daphne who helped us in some photo taking and she kept me company for the entire hour. (Thank you Daphne! Love you much!)

When it was time for the results, I was caught surprised that we managed to be one of the five babies who went into the semi-finals. Heehee. Good job, Baby Gillian. Called Mister E and he was overjoyed!








(Here’s a picture of Daphne with Baby Gillian. Not the most flattering picture of Baby Gillian but she was getting quite fussy towards the end of the contest.)


Semi Finals was held the next day on 31 August. Saturday was a busy day for me as we went to see the pediatrician at Parkway East Hospital in the morning.


(Baby Ryan and his new bear from Parkway East Hospital. We visit the hospital so often that we are now the Friends of Parkway East Hospital. No kidding.)

After which, I attended the blogger/media event at 12 noon, followed by participating with The Big B event at 1.30pm with Baby Gillian. The Baby Show was at 3pm. My schedule was packed and quite stressful because Ryan was still feverish (It was some viral fever- fever without symptoms again). We wanted him to rest at home with my family but he insisted to come along. Thankfully, this time round, I had Mister E and my mother who came to help. Family support is very important for us. (Max love you, Mummy!)



(Mister E and I looking very happy. It was a tiring day but we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.)

The theme for the Semi Finals was on parents and their babies dressing alike. There were 29 babies in the Semi Finals and everyone was sporting enough to follow the theme. Baby Gillian and I dressed as Princesses in White. Actually, Baby Gillian’s white dress was a tad too big for her. Luckily for us, my mother helped to do some alteration on Friday night. Now, the white dress is the perfect size for her.


(To match Baby Gillian, I even put on a flower headband on my head. Drama much!)


(She is so gorgeous! xxx)



(Here’s a feverish Ryan with my lovely Mummy. Thank God that there was my mother there to helped to pacify him, take care of the bags and take photos!)





(Here’s Baby Gillian putting on her charms!)


Once again, we got through into the Finals with 14 other babies! Yay. The theme for the Finals was on Animals! That was really difficult as we had no idea what to dress Baby Gillian up as!

Like what I mentioned earlier, the theme was on Animals and we eventually decided to dress Baby Gillian up as a little kitten, especially since she is as adorable as one. We got the headbands from Daiso and a a pack of furry puffs as we wanted to sew a tiny bobtail for Gillian’s costume. Finals was held at 3.30pm and there were 14 babies participating in the finals.


(Prepping Baby Gillian up.)


(Baby Ryan, enjoying himself at the exhibition.)






(Mother Cat with baby kitten)







In the end, we won one of the sub-categories.
Baby Gillian, at 4.5 months is the Most Engaging Baby! Isn’t that an awesome award for a baby!




Happy Family!
Even Kimberly came along to show her support! Thank you Mummy and Kimberly!


Overall, it was an exhausting weekend. I think I missed lunch for Saturday and Sunday. And I lost 0.5kg again. (Yay for the weight loss!) It was a good experience for Baby Gillian and good family bonding time. All these would not have been possible if not for family support and love. So, thank God for all of you.



(Baby Gillian, her sewn on bobtail and Ryan. Both exhausted after the long weekend.)


You can also read about Ryan’s first Baby Show here.



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