Firsts- Baby Gillian’s first flip

September 2013

Baby Gillian’s first flip happened sometime in early August when I laid her on my bed while I went off to shower. When I came out of the shower, she was lying on her stomach. Amazing! I thought I witness it again soon. It did not happen until 2 weeks ago, in mid August. She started getting really good at flipping from her back to tummy and she has better head control. She would have the habit to flip almost immediately when I put her down on her back. I suppose she likes her new view of the environment. She is much more enthusiastic in flipping when we(Mister E, Ryan and me) cheer her on. Heehee. How adorable right?

However, she is still have some minor difficulties with her flipping from tummy to back. So, she makes some noise and look extremely miserable when she is unable to flip to her back properly. Boohoo.



Sometimes, motherhood can be exhausting. But it is such small li’ milestones that makes everything so worthwhile. I will be the happiest person in the world as long as Baby Gillian and Ryan grow up to be healthy, safe and happy. Everything else is secondary.



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