Gratitude Sunday- Of high fever and hospital stay

September 2013

This is an updated post with some photos. It is 7.32 on a Monday morning and Ryan is sleeping soundly beside me. Please continue to keep Ryan in good and positive thoughts and prayers.



(Ryan, after he was put on the drip. It was so heart breaking so see him go through all the blood tests and have needles poking him all over. :()


Just a quick update from my S4.

Today is our third night in Mount Alvernia Hospital. Ryan has been down with lung and gut infection, thus causing him to have a week of on/off high fever ranging from 39°C to 40ish °C. Tonight is also the first night that I will be alone with Ryan in the ward. E has gone home earlier as he has work the next day.


Since it is another Gratitude Sunday post, I want to share on the things that our family is thankful for:


1. Ryan’s cause of high fever was diagnosed. Even though the discovery was made only after 1 week of him suffering from high fever, we are thankful that we made the decision to see Dr Vasanthi on Friday. Dr Vasanthi was fast enough to realise that Ryan was in a terrible state that required immediate treatment in the hospital.


(The family, trying to cheer the sick boy up. Mister E was behind the camera.)

2. My family for always being there for all of us, especially my parents. They have been for taking care of Baby Gillian during this period. This gives E and I more time to concentrate on Ryan’s recovery and not have us worrying that Baby Gillian may get some infection from staying in the hospital with us. My parents, along with Kimberly have been visiting us daily so that I can latch Baby GIllian in the afternoon. They even went to the pharmacy to get a bottles of vitamins for Ryan when they found out that Ryan is iron-deficient. My brother, Bob bought Ryan a Barney toy to entertain him during the hospital stay. (He actually told me that he got Ryan a purple dinosaur because he read on Facebook that Ryan turned purple….okay…) Ryan loves the yummy chewy vitamins and the Barney toy!!! Thank you! Ryan definitely can feel the unconditional love from all of you!



(Siblings love….)

3. Baby Gillian, for being so accomodating and understanding. Thankfully, she did not fuss too much. I miss latching her to sleep but ohwells, expressed breast milk(EBM) will have to do for now. I am relieved that she takes to the taste of EBM. The siblings misses each other so so so much! Both of them are actually happy to see each other in the afternoon. In fact, Ryan asks for Baby Gillian every morning. *sigh*

4. The awesome nurses in Mount Alvernia. While Mount Alvernia is not exactly the most modern hospital, the nurses are just THAT good. Even Dr Vasanthi recommended Mount Alvernia when we told her that we are okay with any hospitals. Mount Alvernia nurses are so dedicated to their work and care of patients. The hospital is a tad run down but it is really the responsive and caring nurses who make the stay so much more tolerable.

5. The super alert Dr Vasanthi. Over the one week, I went to one GP at the 24 hours clinic and two pediatricians. The GP and the first pediatrician told me was Ryan had viral fever and it was a minor illness. The second pediatrician that we saw on Thursday mentioned that Ryan’s condition was slightly worrying. Turns out Ryan did not have viral fever! He had bronchitis and gut infection(like he pooped 30 times in a day!) I know that it was 30 diapers because he used up one pack of diapers in a day! According to Dr Vasanthi, Ryan turned purple on Friday because his fever was too high(39°C-40°C) for too long a period.


(Ryan, watching wayyy too much Cartoon Network during these few days. He loves Tom and Jerry and apparently, looks like he understands the plot.)

6. Ryan, for being so brave. He had on/off high fever for exactly one week. He was listless and pale most of the time. Thinking that it was just common viral fever, we just gave him the paracetamol and ibuprofen suppositories and  went about doing our things and running errands. Ryan even followed to us to the Parents World Expo for the entire weekend. On hindsight, Ryan must have felt really ill and weak but he did not fuss much. On the day when we saw Dr Vasanthi, he was literally purple! He looked so bad that E and I were so afraid that something terrible was happening. Ryan could not walk and was just lying limply in my arms. He only got better after he was admitted to the hospital and was given the necessary treatments. Despite going through intimidating x-ray examination, painful blood tests, having to go through nebuliser treatments and being put on drip, he is still cheery, resilient and in positive spirits. Even when I cried on Friday, he was the one who comforted me. Ryan is still quite upset of being on drip that he refuses to see his hand has the inserted IV. He makes me cover that hand with a blanket all the time.


6. The Husband, otherwise known as Mister E. He was the one who settled everything- all the paper work, driving home to get all the necessities while I was took care of Ryan. During the stay, he was the one who ensured that I got my daily dose of chocolate, helped me with the many diaper changes and constantly tried to lift up my depressed mood.

7. The kind messages, concerned calls, prayers that supported us over the weekend. I really believe in the power of prayers and positive thoughts.

Okay, this is supposed to be a short post but I got carried away. It is one scary episode, especially the moment when I saw Ryan turned purple. Literally. Things are looking much more positive now and I pray that God will continue to keep my family and friends safe and in good health. xxx



2 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday- Of high fever and hospital stay

  1. joyce says:

    Get well Soon Ryan!

    That’s really one scary episode but glad everything is under control now. Can’t imagine the stress you had to manage cos the last episode with Jon getting 6 days of high fever, we were prepared to admit him too. It was really a stressful and tiring period.

    BTW, I recently heard about food therapist. you may want to consider if a food therapist can help Ryan in his diet. I’m doing more so for Jon and his phobic of fruits.

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