i-angel- Mission Three

September 2013

Hello everyone! This is the final installment of the i-angel series and it will be my review of my outdoor usage of the i-angel Hipseat and carrier. This post is slightly different from my previous posts. I did not manage to have time to take an proper outdoor shoot over the weekend as Ryan was hospitalised. Hence, I will be using the photos that I have taken over these 3 weeks while I was using the baby carrier. So, please forgive me if some of the photos are slightly grainy as they are taken with the S4.


Changi Village



These set of photos were taken on our first day out with the i-angel Hipseat and carrier. It was a Sunday and we were at Changi Village, meeting my family for breakfast. I recall thinking that it was such an awesome carrier as I really did not feel the weight of carrying Baby Gillian on my back and I absolutely loved the bright orange colour!


Grocery Shopping at Cold Storage, Changi City Point


Here’s me, doing the weekly grocery shopping at Cold Storage. As you can see, Baby Gillian is sitting facing towards me, sleeping very comfortably.

Front pocket: From the picture, you can see a front pocket. That is where I usually put the keys to my car and a packet of tissue.


Changi Airport, Terminal Three


I managed to bring the two kiddos out to Changi Airport all myself to send my younger brother, Leon off to Hong Kong for his exchange. Before owning the i-angel Hipseat and carrier, going out with the kids was sort of like a mini nightmare. I actually have to carry Baby Gillian in my arms while pushing Ryan in a stroller or holding his hands. It was a huge strain on my back and arms. No kidding. Now, with the carrier, it makes going out with the kids a much easier thing to do.

Sleeping hood: As you can see, there is also the sleeping hood attached to the carrier, I usually use the hood when we are out in the park or at somewhere sunny so that I can shield Baby Gillian from the harsh rays from the sun.


Parents World 2013


As you can see, I can even use the hip seat as a pillow for feeding Baby Gillian.



Over the whole Parents World 2013, i-angel Hip seat and carrier was my handy companion when I had to carry Baby Gillian while going on the media/blogger tour around the booths for Parents World 2013 and also to get Baby Gillian ready all three rounds of the Baby Show.


After using the i-angel Hip seat and carrier for almost 3 weeks, it has become a huge part of our family’s lives. It is something that we must bring when we go out with the kids. In fact, my mother has also started using the i-angel with Baby Gillian when she brings her out for morning walks. E and I also use the i-angel all the time at home; I use it to rock Baby Gillian to sleep while E uses it to prop Baby Gillian up while he plays his online games. Baby Gillian is not the only one benefiting from the comfortable seat of the i-angel, Ryan sits on it pretty often as well.

So far, I have nothing but praises for the i-angel Hip seat and carrier.  Two thumbs up!


The i-angel baby carrier for this post is kindly sponsored by Baby Marcel.



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