Reasons to visit Rise & Shine Expo 2013

September 2013

In about 2 more weeks, the much awaited Rise and Shine Expo will be taking place from 27-29 September at Suntec Convention Hall 401 & 402. This is not our family’s first time attending an event by Rise and Shine. In fact, earlier this year, we went for the Rise and Shine Carnival at The Lawn. We enjoyed the whole experience so much because the event was well-organised and was filled with many family-oriented and kids-oriented activities!


(Us, earlier this year at the Rise and Shine Carnival, when I was heavily pregnant with Baby Gillian.)


For this post, I will be sharing on what are some great reasons to visit Rise & Shine Expo this September! First up, there are lots of great buys, premium brands like Medela, Philips Avent, Pigeon and more, all offering at great discounts on their products. E and I will definitely use this opportunity to stock up on baby’s essentials like diapers and baby’s food. Not sure if fellow parents feel the same, but diapers and milk powder ranks really high on our monthly baby expenses. Hence, whenever there is a sale/baby expo, E and I are one of those who will lug cartons of baby stuff home.

Also, there will be lots of performances, contests and seminars conducted by renowned speakers throughout the 3 days. The highlight of the stage activities that will possibly excite the kids most is Meet & Greet with Nickelodeon’s characters Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go! And Ni Hao, Kai-la.

nickelodeon characters pic

Besides having exciting stage performances to occupy the kids, parents can also let your kids try out various activities like face painting, art and craft or even sports at the booths. Rise & Shine has also put together the best enrichment classes for parents and kids during our three day expo event. All classes are specially tailored for specific age groups to hone the mental dexterity and develop your child’s capabilities beyond the academics. All enrichment classes are priced below what the schools will normally charge, each class is capped at 20 to maximize learning. In fact, we will definitely be heading down on Sunday as I have registered Ryan for two classes conducted by My Gym and My Little Champ. So, looking forward to letting Ryan try those classes out!

Booth activities

Rise and Shine has also planned exciting contests for the whole family.

i. For kids: “Colour My feelings”

ii. For mummies: Belly Beautiful Contest by Philips AVENT

iii. For babies: Cutest Cherub Contest

iv. For toddlers: Sunshine Parade

Lastly, you can also stand a chance to win more than $10,000 worth of prizes in our Sure Win Lucky Dip! Also goodie bags and door gifts will also be given to visitors who have signed up for workshops/ seminars/ kids’ classes. Each door gift is worth $50. Goodie bags will only be given out to the first 500 visitors and the first 50 will receive additional Drypers Jumbo Pack.


With all these awesome-ness happening, there is just so much impetus for families with babies/kids to head down to the Rise and Shine Expo and spend the weekend there. So, see you there!!!



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