Gratitude Sunday- The end of my maternity leave.

September 2013


Sunday marks the end of my 5 months of maternity leave. These 5 months have been quite eventful but, I am thankful because I get to spend so much time with my babies. There is just so much that I will miss about being on maternity leave especially the fact that I get to spend oodles amount of time with Baby Gillian and Ryan. I love being able to laze on the bed with them in the morning, having them cuddling up next to me, looking at their gorgeous eyes and inhaling the sweet sweet scent of babies.


Beautiful Baby Gillian.

She is almost like my personal Barbie Doll. I love dressing her up and she is so adorable. At least to me.  5 months ago, Baby Gillian was this small little infant, swimming in all her infant clothes. Now, she is a beautiful baby who loves so gorgeous in anything that she wears. The best thing is that, she is so camera-friendly. She always have a smile for me when I am trying to get photos taken. 🙂


Ryan, the charmer.

He is growing up really well. He is starting to more interested in reading. In fact, I am trying to make him sound words. He is able to do that, but it takes so much effort and usually, he gets bored after like 3-4 words. Bah. What is even more interesting is that he is learning how to negotiate. An example would be him asking for an extra 1 minute or 5 minute when it is time to turn off the television or when it is time for bedtime.

I am also very happy that I managed to get some activities done with Ryan. From someone who barely knows his Chinese name, he is able to sing a few mandarin songs now! Also, I discovered that he is very into beats and percussion and that he enjoys doing art with me. Health wise, not ideal but we are still trying to get him to eat more healthily.


Kiddos having fun!

I think it is absolutely good for Ryan to have Baby Gillian. He is starting to learn how to share and realise that life does not revolve around his whims and demands. I can see that he is unsettled between loving his sister and being hostile at times. I suppose everything takes time.


Unlike during my first maternity leave when I went out frequently with Ryan in his second month, I only started to be more adventurous to venture out of home with the two kiddos alone in July and September. This is partly because Baby Gillian is much older and I had the i-angel Hipseat and baby carrier, which is an excellent baby carrier. Our favourite new indoor playground is Hokey Pokey because it is really near to E’s workplace. We get to go home together after E knocks off.





During this maternity leave, I also got to know a group of ladies better. All of us come from all walks of life but we have one thing in common, that is our babies are born in a few weeks before and after April 2013. With the help of technology, we accompanied each other through our pregnancy, child-birth and post-pregnancy journey. We shared snippets of of growing bubs everyday, spurred each other to press on breastfeeding, confided our worries and so on. So, preggie mummies, do join a group to help to walk this journey. This support will help so much for you and your baby. 🙂


Looking forward, I can only imagine how exciting days ahead of us. There might be some changes, but as long as our family keep a positive mindset, everything can be good.



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