Firsts- Baby’s Gillian’s first swim

September 2013

Swimming is still a great activity for babies and kids. In fact, swimming has been proven to strengthen heart and lungs for babies. It is common knowledge that kids(babies included) who undertake physical exercise, sleep better. Swimming is a good form of exercise which in turn promotes better sleep. Studies also have indicated that starting babies on swimming is beneficial in developing their balance and movement.

Babies swimming with neck floats are a common sight in Singapore. Ryan was enrolled into baby swim sessions when he was two months old. All Ryan did at the swim centre was to wear a neck float and float around the pool. Swim sessions for babies are definitely pricey, costing at $25-$28 per session(which is almost 20 minutes at most). For Baby Gillian, we decided to do away with the swim sessions and get her a Swimava neck float to swim at our pool instead. This is much more economical and we also have the flexibility of time.


(Here’s our baby girl, looking rather pleased with her morning exercise.)

We got the Swimava neck float as reviews have indicated that it is one of the more popular and trusted brand of neck floats. In fact, according to Swimava website, they have over 500,000 Swimava babies globally. Although we had with us the float almost a month ago, we only brought her to use it at our pool this morning. Prior to her first swim session at the pool, Baby Gillian swam a few times with the neck float in our bath tub.


Our pink Swimava neck ring is from Spring Maternity. The swim ring comes along with a pump and a safety guide in wet bag.



(Baby Gillian looks gorgeous in her vintage-looking swimming costume.)


21 September 2013 marked the very first time she went to a swimming pool. Initially, she was quite uncomfortable with the cold temperature of the water. However, she warmed up to it very soon and was enjoying herself.

What I liked about Swimava ring:

  • It allows freedom of movement, because her arms and legs are free to move under the water. It also meant that Baby Gillian was much warmer as more of her was submerged in the pool.
  • The double tube of the neck float was reassuring as should one of the tubes burst or have a puncture, the other would hold baby long enough for you to notice and come to their aid.
  • There are also two white clasps on the float, very similar to the type you have on high chairs. This meant that baby cannot wriggle free from the ring easily.
  • The entire float is made of great quality and there are no sharp edges that might her Baby Gillian.


To ensure that she feels secure, I held her as we orientated around the pool.


(Kisses from Mummy and Ryan to encourage her.)



After 10 minutes or so, Baby Gillian was comfortable and confident to be swimming alone, but with us, really close, supervising her.


(Swimming on her back.)


(Swimming on her front.)

The Swimava ring is a great swim product that I will use for Baby Gillian for our future swimming days. However, in any case, an adult should always be around attending to a baby in water to ensure the baby is not at any undue risk.


Swimava Float for this post is kindly sponsored by Spring Maternity.



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