Mister E’s first entry!

September 2013


I love this blog.

I love the fact that, in this world of instant connectivity, I am always just a few buttons/clicks away from viewing lovely pictures of people dear to me and reminiscing on the memories made together.

I love the fact that my dear wife took it upon herself to be the family historian to mark down the notable milestones and how she is ever so eager and open to share her experiences, be it positive or negative, with the world at large.

That being said, I have been gently coerced to contribute more on top of the adhoc editorial, picture taking and topic brainstorming tasks so here I am now.

It is a drastically different experience to be on the other side of the post actually. From passively reading and emphasizing with the author on the singular post to deciding to write one of your own, which opens a pandora box of questions to be answered and concerns to be addressed:

• What kind of writer am I?
• What kind of topic should I be writing on?
• Am I qualified to write about them?
• Do I want to expose myself and my inner thoughts to the online world filled with internet trolls?
• What kind of font should I use? Does anyone ever use Wingdings?

As I would expect of any writer nowadays to do, I will tackle them by reaching within my inner soul and look deep and hard. OR I can just do a quick google search on the line ( +1 to Vince Vaughn for awesome quotes!)

A “Fatherhood or How to be a Dad or What it means to be a Dad” search came up with a long list of sites dedicated to enlightening and educating new dads on the To-bes and and What-nots. Frankly, I am not even sure if the intended audience even bothers to go read up at those sites.

Dads comes in all shapes and sizes, from

• the ones who prepare for and are excited about fatherhood ( i.e. read about breastfeeding, baby milestones, the 5 S’s of calming the baby etc.); to
• the ones who take a more nonchalant or hands-off approach ( i.e. the peripheral dad that is there but not there if you know what I mean.); to
• the ones who are all alpha male numero-uno machos ( i.e. “ Is that poop smell? Go find your mother now and get that changed!” and “Bah, girls don’t need to study that much.”).

Every dad’s perceptions, expectations and reactions to fatherhood are uniquely determined by their life experiences, upbringing and surroundings. I for one am not eager to chip in at this point to regurgitate more points of view and advice. I always believe in the mantra: “Don’t Give Advice unless Asked” and it served me well thus far. No point breaking the covenant just to write a blog piece.

Putting that category aside, I am left with product reviews and humor. If you have been following this blog, you will be aware that May already does a kick-ass job at writing about her experiences with new products. I firmly believe that I will fail miserably in this area. Most conversations between me and May regarding reviews goes like this:

“Honey, can you tell me something you like about this new [insert random new product]?”

“ Er……it works?”

“ Anything else? What about the good workmanship, or the nice colors or the…” [me zoned out already]

Hence forth with the logical process of elimination, I will stick to my forte of humor, albeit the self-depreciating type that mostly revolved around the darnedest things my kids say or do, mostly at my expense ( Hey that sounds like an excellent premise for a show….no wait…Bill Cosby called it. Argh…). I do have a few in mind already so at least I have the next few post materials covered. (phew…)

So stay tuned for the next piece folks! Hope you enjoyed this inaugural post which is essentially fluff and talking about nothing! ( apparently a hugely popular style made famous by Sumiko Tan amongst many. I have joined an elite group it seems….)



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