Gratitude Sunday- Back to work!

October 2013

This is my 3rd week at work and so far, everything has been thankfully okay. While I have been busy preparing worksheets for the students, meeting them for consultations and getting the post examination materials ready, I am incredibly grateful that the kids are adjusting well at my Mom’s. After all the drama over my maternity leave, I am sure that I will no longer take good health and peace in the family for granted.

(Kiddos, in the afternoon.)

I miss the kids everyday. With work, it feels like time just flies by everyday. Sometimes, I am so tired out by the day’s events that I will just concuss with the kids in bed, skipping our usual bedtime reading routine. *guilty mother look* The weekends are even shorter. There are just so much things to do. Last weekend, we spent 2 afternoons at the Rise and Shine Expo, one morning at a Mustela/Spring Maternity event and one evening at Kids’ Kampong. Will need some time before I can post up those blog posts!

Unfortunately, I lost my Samsung S4 last weekend. The phone must have dropped it somewhere and someone just conveniently took it away. To E’s surprise, I did not throw a hissy fit about this. Looking at a bigger picture, I am really thankful that it was just a phone and I could have it replaced easily. The photos and videos were a pity but most importantly, the things that truly matter to me are all intact. To replace my S4 that E bought for me earlier, I got a Samsung S3 Note. I love it! Much bigger screen. Good for my tired eyes. Heehee. So everything can have a good ending.


Here is Baby Gillian. She is usually very cheerful and amiable. When I get home from work, she will look at me with tears in her eyes and make some fake crying sounds. However, she will instantly give me her most beautiful smile when I scoop her up in my arms. So so so much love.

And to you people, Happy October! This is my birthday month and usually it is just so awesome!



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