Mustela-Spring Event

September 2012

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I spent it at Spring Maternity showroom at Hoi Hup Building with an awesome bunch of people! Here are some pictures from the event and they will be doing most of the talking. ūüėõ





The Spring Maternity showroom at Hoi Hup building is very comprehensive- nursing/maternity clothes, toys for babies, strollers, car seats for babies, equipment to assist in breastfeeding and so on so forth. It is the one-stop place for all mothers! The sales girls(I have not seen a male sales personnel yet.) are very friendly and approachable. So, you are a first-time Mummy, just head down to Spring Maternity and you will be loaded with information on what are some good purchases for your baby!


That Saturday morning programme included Mustela introducing their a new line of their products, a fashion show by Spring Maternity and beauty sharing by Fancl.



Look at how immaculate the set-up for the place is! So much effort and time went into the preparation for everything!


Make up was sponsored by Fancl. Our models’ beautiful faces were placed in the safe and talented hands of Fancl makeup artists! And yours truly was also treated to a make-over as well. I love Japanese make up because the effect is so light and natural looking! Heehee. Thank you, Fancl!

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage2

This is our awesome Fancl team. There is so much synergy observed in the team. These ladies has so much team work and they are very knowledgeable about skin care and their products. Looking at them just gives me hope that I, as a Mummy can have good and radiant skin!


Here are the Spring models and me! All dolled up! For me, it is really one of those rare days when I actually look decent. Gosh… with 2 kids in tow, make up is such a luxury.




This is so so so out of point. But last year, around the same time, Evie, Zoey and I were pregnant mother models for Spring Maternity as well. This time round, only Evie and Joey made the cut to be nursing mother models for Spring Maternity. (Because they are still so chio la!!! And yes, I am envious of them. Bah! )





Mustela- Rebirth

My family is no stranger to Mustela. In fact, Baby Gillian and Ryan are still using Mustela products for their bath time because I am such a big fan of the fabulous signature scent. For this event, Mustela introduced their new line of Mustela products that includes Avocado perseose¬ģ. Keeping to their promise of continual innovation, Mustela has extracted a natural biomimetic active ingredient from avocado which works in perfect affinity with skin.

Avocado perseose¬ģ perfectly meets the requirements of babies’ skin starting when they are born and its efficacy has been scientifically proven. It aids the development of the skin’s barrier function, stepping up production of a number of its key elements and it preserves its wealth of cells, functioning as a shield and protecting the cutaneous cells from the outside environment. Because of all these outstanding qualities, Mustela has chosen Avocado perseose¬ģ to be incorporated into its new Mustela B√©b√© formula.


I have been given some of their bath products to try on the kiddos. Do look forward to my review post soon!







Spring Fashion Show

I love Spring Maternity. The collection of maternity/nursing wear are both functional and stylish. When I wear my nursing clothes to work. no one could tell that they were suitable for nursing as well! Below are some of my favourite outfits from the newly launched Neon Lace Collection and MyLove Collection. If I am not wrong, they should be available at all Spring Maternity stores now!

Neon Lace Collection is the perfect blend of neon pink and feminine laces make up this collection specially designed to enhance both bust and bump. The lace adds a touch of sensuality whilst the neon trimmings stands out stylishly. With a different style for every occasion, Neon lace is everything you need for work, party and even casual dates throughout your pregnancy period.

PicMonkey Collage3

The perfect blend of style, comfort and practicality comes together in this ideal top. Lace that forms a subtle yet sensual deep V along the front neckline while a small band across the empire enhances both bust and bump effectively. With an empire nursing access, the front can be easily lifted with ease for nursing moms. This versatile top can easily blend with a basic, solid coloured bottom
and flats.¬†A perfect example of simplcity at it best, this skirt features asymmetrical sides¬†that curves into a minor slit. Suitable for both work and play, there’s are no¬†worries in pairing

PicMonkey Collage4

The zig zag patterned collar and ribbon contrasts against the dark blue hue of the top that features a delicate ribbon as well as a key hole opening at the back. Four darts atthe front of the top allows the fabric to fall gently on top of the bump creating a smooth silhouette from bust to bump. Additional capped sleeves create this look that goes well with a simple pair of pants and flats or heels. Cropped just above the ankles, this pair of versatile pants are not only effortlessly chic but extremely comfortable as well. With the help of front seam details, the pants creat an illusion of elongated and slimmer legs. The addition of an adjustable waistband made of bamboo cotton makes it soft while having a high tolerance for stretch. As such, it will be a perfect throughout and even after your pregnancy.

PicMonkey Collage5

Neon pink trimmings along the neckline emphasising the delicate lace top that ends off just above the bust in a sweetheart cutting results in this feminine piece. Capped sleeves add to the femininity as it clings on snuggly, creating a very flattering silhouette. Effortlessy chic, match it with a pair of shorts for a casual look and jeans for a night out. A definite necessity in your summer wardrobe designed with your comfort in mind, this pair of flattering shorts adds the extra zest needed in any ensemble. At mid-thigh, it is the perfect length to suit any top and shoes.


Eye-catching patterns from this prominent top that includes a neon pink finishing along the neckline. Capped sleeves at the front develop to raglan sleeves at the back where the solid coloured back subtly offsets any harsh visuals of the top.

PicMonkey Collage5

Effortlessly chic, the minimalistic details of the shirt adds up to its feminine outlook of this simple staple. Simple pink trimmings along the neckline and sleeves are a stark contrast to the dark coloured top, giving it a pop of colour. A middle panel pulls back to reveal a middle vertical access allowing the top to last you throughout and after your pregnancy period.

PicMonkey Collage6

Stylishly sophisticated number that never fails to bring out the elegance in you.¬†Creatively designed with a sweetheart tube dress is a lace crop that fits snuggly¬†over the dress, ending in a deep v neckline at the back for a subtle sensual feel.¬†Other details such at pink finishings along the neckline and 3/4 sleeves offers¬†that extra eye candy while pleats on the front empire line flares the skirt so that¬†it drapes nicely over the knees. Accessorise with a simple pair of strapped heels¬†and clutch and you’re good to go!

PicMonkey Collage6

Demure with a hint of feminine glamour, this dress is the very thing an evening out. A perfect combination of neon pink and lace that graduates to a panel in the middle from the shoulders. Ruched sides lead to a cross wrapped front and asymmetrical hem. Featuring a sidenursing access for nursing moms, this piece is the ideal dress to pair with a basic pair of heels and clutch.


MyLove Collection  incorporates the convenience of a nursing top with a feminine edgy style. With its unique cutting, ruched and pleat details and a nursing access in each piece, it will last you throughout and after your pregnancy period. MyLove introduces sleek, comfortable yet versatile staples in an array of stunning colours to your wardrobe that can be worn for various occasions.


A soft feminine mix of colours grace the neckline of this top in a angular cutting¬†giving it a adding dimensions to the entire outlook. With a side nursing access, it’s a¬†definite effortlessly chic piece. So you don’t have to fret with matching and¬†accessorising. Leggings are a definite staple in every wardrobe. Known for being versatile¬†and comfortable, this pair of leggings features and over the bump waistband with¬†maximum potential for stretch so that it’ll always fit snuggly.


Gathers along the front not only add texture to the top but also shape the bust in the most flattering way. The rest of the top falls gently over the bump resulting in a gentle hourglass figure. A neckline nursing access allows nursing moms the comfort and ease of nursing by
simply pulling the neckline down and the inner piece up. A simple jeans and heels will suffice in completing the look with this top.



Dart details just above the empire line brings attention to the collarbones just as the band emphasises and flatters the belly. Gathers along the empire allow the fabric to fall gently on the bump, creating a smooth silhouette. Pair it up with a pair of straight cut pants and heels for maximum effect, or roll up the sleeves for a more casual look.


A scooped neckline and pleat details along the front form the very forgiving silhouette. An easy fit gives the wearer comfort without looking sloppy. Featuring a side nursing access for nursing moms, this top will have no problem lasting through and after the pregnancy period.
Simply pair of skinny jeans and flats to complete your look.


An array of gathers cascade along the chest, allowing the rest of the top to drape gently over the belly. The combination of a textured and smooth surface makes up the very forgiving silhouette. Featuring a centre nursing access, this top requires simple jeans and flats to complete the look.


A basic bottom for everyday wear. Look and feel comfortable in this pair of bottom. This¬†pair of flare pants features a waistband with maximum potential for stretch so that¬†it’ll always fit snuggly.


Here’s a picture of our yummy mummies in Spring Maternity dresses! Motherhood just look awesome on them!



Fancl was also at the event, sharing with fellow mummies TenseUp EX and their Aging Care Line. With motherhood, sometimes, it is so easy to neglect ourselves. However, this should not be the case. Looking good can help make us feel better and more confident of ourselves. For vain and lazy mummies like me, I suppose TenseUp Ex will be a good supplement to our beauty regime.



It was my first time trying a beauty supplement(suitable for nursing mothers like me as well!) and I was surprised by how yummy it taste like! TenseUp EX is an intensive beauty supplement for women of all ages who wish to achieve and maintain firm, elastic and radiant skin. It is packed with anti-aging ingredients such as their patented HTC¬ģ Collagen to replenish daily lost collagen and boost collagen synthesis to minimize signs of aging, its molecular structure ensures effective absorption into skin. It has also newly-added Apple Polyphenol which combats photo-aging by retaining moisture, preventing DNA damage and the deepening of wrinkles. The best to consume the drink is at night before sleep as that is when our body regenerates the cells. Each box of 10 bottles cost $ 61.50 which amounts to $6ish per bottle, which is equivalent to a Java Chip Grande(my favourite Starbuck drink!). So, instead of spending it on caffeine, we can invest on this awesome beauty supplement!


This is a skin moisture sensor test that you can also do at any Fancl counters. With this technology, you will be able to find out how moisturised your skin is. The higher the number(max is 100), the more moisturised your skin can be. Mine is at 52 which definitely dehydrated. (Note to self: Start taking better care of my skin!)



(Me and the Fancl team. The lady whom I am standing beside is Candice, my secondary school friend! Actually, our mothers are also from the same secondary school! How coincident! Like me, she is also a mother of two. However, you can see that she is still very skinny and pretty! Must be the TenseUp Ex and the daily usage of Fancl products!)




StemCord was at the launch as well. I think I mentioned this before on my blog about cord blood banking. Some of you actually asked me which company I chose for my cord blood banking. And we chose to store Baby Gillian’s cord blood with Stemcord. I will share what led us to our decision in another post!


Fun Photos!


(Me, with Michelle. OMG! Did you see my lanyard? I have a Blogger lanyard! Heehee. Unlike most mummy bloggers, I am fairly new into this whole blogging scene. Like I actually starting blogging more regularly in the past 4 months. I must say that I am so so so thankful for all these opportunities and being able to meet really fun and interesting people! *feeling thankful*)


(Our preggie mummies, relaxing before the fashion show! )



(The team behind Spring Maternity!)


(Me, my fairy godmother and my hot mama!)


Links for your convenience:

For information on Mustela

For shopping with Spring Maternity

For shopping with Fancl

For information with Stemcord



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