Gratitude Sunday- of being thankful for randoms.

October 2013

It was quite an eventful weekend. Not great but I am managing. There must be a reason why I married E. He is an optimist and he rarely gets flustered over many things. Because of this, he is always my anchor in many situations.


I have been wanting to blog for some time. However, I am really swarmed with work and kids so much so that I have given up on my only pump session at work for a week. 😦

Most of the time, I will end up sleeping together with the kids while putting them to sleep. This arrangement leaves me with very little “me-time”. I am not exactly complaining as I know I need the extra hours of sleep.


So for this post, I am just going to randomly share some pictures from my lost phone. I manage to get all these precious pictures as I have synced my old phone with the Facebook and here are some of the precious moments!

PicMonkey Collage

I am still involving Ryan with some cooking.
I am quite impressed by how he is able to remember some of the preparation steps, vocabulary(e.g. “beat the eggs”, “pour the milk”) and ingredients of making French toast.



Here are pictures of us celebrating National Day and Mid Autumn Festival along with Gillian’s month-sary celebration. We have this family practice of buying a small cake every 10th. It is a nice treat for the kids and us! In fact, it is just an excuse for me to indulge in my sweets and cakes. Heehee. As for the kids, I am sure they enjoy the celebratory mood! Ryan loves singing the birthday song and making his endless wishes!

PicMonkey Collage2

During of the days during my maternity leave, I went to Lady M with Mum, Kim and the kiddos.
Cakes were delicious but I expected much better at that price point.


Baby Gillian got sticker bombed by Ryan while E and I left the room for a tiny while.
Ryan is still adjusting to Baby Gillian. Sometimes, he gets upset when I spend too much time with her. However, I observe that he loves his sister’s company. He is fiercely loyal to his sister- he insists vehemently on several occasions that Gillian returns home with us every evening even when my mom volunteers to care for her at night.



Just two weeks ago, Baby Gillian went for her vaccination again. She surprised all of us this time by not even crying after her jab.


I will be sharing something exciting this coming weekend! In fact, close family members and friends should know what it will be about. And if you are wondering, no, I am not pregnant. Heehee. So, just wait for it…. it is going to be… legendary!



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