Avent Combined Steamer-Blender

October 2013


Baby Gillian turned 6 months on 10 October. 6 months is a hallmark for weaning. The term ‘to wean’ comes from an ancient phrase that means ‘to accustom to’. Weaning refers to the period during which a baby gradually becomes accustomed to food other than milk. Milk alone is nutritionally adequate for up to 6 months. However, thereafter, it is important to start introducing weaning foods to meet the changing nutritional needs of the growing baby. In fact, before the age of 6 months, Baby Gillian has been showing much interest in the food that we are eating. Heehee. So you can imagine she is also happy that the weaning process is starting!

Being a mother second time around resulted in me being familiar with products created to make life with babies more convenient. The Avent Combined Steamer-Blender is one of my favourite product when it is time for weaning, I have used the Avent Combined Steamer-Blender with Ryan albeit not religiously enough. However, like what I mentioned in my previous posts, this year I have decided to be more committed in serving healthy homemade meals for my kids. Once again, I have takn my trusty Avent Combined Steamer-Blender out of the cupboard. After a wash, it looks as good as new and ready to go!



Here are some of the typical first food that parents try with their babies. Decided to start off with apples, potatoes and carrots as they have the least chance of an allergic reaction.



Healthy homemade baby food can be easily prepared with the Avent Combined Steamer-Blender. This device allows busy mothers to enjoy the convenience of ‘steam, flip and blend’, all in one appliance. Also, I like the fact that this device helps possibly retain all nutrients from the food. Steaming is probably the best cooking method for baby food as it helps to preserve the most original flavour as well as its nutrients.The Avent Combined Steamer-Blender does a great job of retaining more essential nutrients as the juices that are released from the food during the steaming process are retained and mixed back into the food during the blending process.

1. Chop your ingredients up into small pieces. In my case, I peeled and I chopped up the potato.


2. Put the chopped up potato into the container.


Before steaming, make sure you fill up the cup that comes with the blender to a suitable level that is being marked. Pour the water into the device for steaming. The measuring cup shows water measurement in millimeters together with the corresponding steaming time in minutes. Another cool feature of the Avent Combined Steamer-Blender  is that it stops automatically when the water runs dry! Therefore you will not need to worry about over cooking or to watch the fire like you do if you were using the traditional steamer.

2.  Turn to the knob to the left to start steaming.


3. Once the steaming is completed. Flip the container over and start the blending process. Blend to your desired texture. You can create different textures and consistencies by adjusting steam and blend times. Your homemade puree for the little one will be ready in less than a minute.


Ta-Dah! Cool the puree and serve!
Mashed potato for Baby Gillian!



Baby Gillian’s first experience with mashed potato!

DSC07476 (2)-1

She looks quite surprised by the taste and texture of potato. Heehee.


After a few mouthful, she gobbles of the rest of her meal quickly. From her expression, you can be sure that potato is one of her favourite food!



Baby Gillian’s first experience with carrot puree.



Baby Gillian, looking all excited at lunch time!



Quite a positive experience as well!


The washing process is really easier. With this steamer-blender, there is no need to wash too many tools and pots. However, one thing to note would be to wash the device properly. Do remember to take off the green cover of the container to wash the inside of the container.

PicMonkey Collage


Philips Avent Steamer Blender can be purchased from our friendly Spring Maternity stores! The Bumbo floor seat that Baby Gillian uses at meal times are also available at Spring Maternity stores.



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