Project London- Counting down.

October 2013

It is almost the end of October. True to my destiny, every October throws a spanner into my life. In a good way. I wonder what is in store for next October. It is going to be  about 6 more weeks left in Singapore. There are still tonnes of things to be done. I am overwhelmed with emotions- excitement, happiness, anxiety and sometimes sadness.

Okay, this is my first post of Project London series. Basically, I will just update everything from our moving to London, to getting there and settling in.


Preparation to being a SAHM




I am happy because I finally get to embark on my SAHM journey that I always wanted to. I am so so happy that I can to spend at least 3 of their growing years with them! We will cook, study, learn, play, sleep together everyday! I really believe that God answers prayers. In my case, He made my dream even more awesome! He combined my Singlehood dream of having an overseas stint along with my Mummyhood dream of being a SAHM! At this moment, I might be disillusioned with what I will be jumping into. I know it will not be one of those hot(with incredibly hilarious personalities and a mega rich husbands) housewives, with coiffed hair and amazing bodies from The Real Housewives reality TV series. But still, it feel awsome! Woohoo! Currently, I am trying to plan up my home schooling timetable and materials for the kids. All these are just happening in my head. I need to pen it down soon! Soon! Ryan will only be attending school next September. In the mean time, Ryan and Baby Gillian’s education will entirely be on me. This is crazy but I am so excited! Hahaha. Finally, I get to plan and structure what I want to teach versus what is in the curriculum. I am looking forward to share my ideas on the blog in time to come. (Wah… like I very free like that! What am I thinking?) Right now, I am still unclear how it will be like since the kids are 2 year apart but I will pray that it all works out. (Note to self: Remember my prayers.)

Family, in Singapore



With each passing day, I also realised that I have lesser time with my family- as in my parents and siblings. Whilst I know that they will be going to London with us, it will be just for a month and then, before you know it, they will be returning to Singapore! E and I will be all alone with the kids for a good one year till the next December. That will be so, unless Leon intends to come over for his graduation trip in April. *crossing my fingers* People who know me know that I am super close to my parents. Like I see them everyday, despite being married and having a family of my own! Every evening, we eat dinner and watch television together. (Very hillbillies.) I am quite worried about them being in Singapore- all bored and lonely without me and their adorable grandchildren. Hahahaha. We are the light of their lives!!! I bet they will miss the noise that we make in Watercrest. The grandchildren, Ryan and Baby Gillian are so going to miss their grandparents, uncles and aunt so so so much. And I hope my siblings take good care of my parents- like talk to them and hang out with them more often.


There are so many important things to be settled, like…

1. Renting out our place– Any takers?

2. Selling our car– Settled.


3. Selling toys and old clothes- Did one flea sale and still in the midst of selling the rest online. OMG! Did I mention that the flea market scene is quite vibrant in Pasir Ris. I think I managed to sell quite abit of my old clothes. The disclaimer would be I sold it at real low prices- like $1 per piece or $1 for two pieces.

4. Confirming the moving company– If the services are good, I will blog and recommend it.

5. Settling some maid issues– You really do not want to know about this. I am really incredibly upset about so many things(maid ran away and agent refused to return me the pro-rated insurance of my 4 maids) and we might actually be conned. Agent is totally avoiding my calls. Just wrote a complaint to CASE. 😦

6. Figuring out where to stay in London- E’s company got some relocation agency to assist us. However, we are still need to do some research on our own- like deciding which area is the most children/family friendly, should we get a house or apartment.

7. Meeting the pediatrician for vaccination– Not done! Kept postponing this because of work and Baby Gillian was down with fever last Friday. Bah. Need to do this.

IMG_20131029_091823 IMG_20131029_091609

8. Winter clothing– 70% settled. Bought some for kiddos and ourselves. Thank God for friends like Charmaine and Evie is is going to let us inherit their kiddos’ preloved winter stuff. ♡♡♡

9. Still deciding on what we should bring over for our first 3 months and what we should ship over. It is a huge challenge of putting things into “What we need in the 3 months”, “What is good to have in 3 months” and “What we should sell/give away/leave in Singapore” boxes. Tough decisions, I tell you.

10. Making friends- I have made a few new friends. Like Singaporean mummies in UK. One is staying in London and the other is one hour away from London. I also have friends linking me up with people who have lived in London before. I cannot tell you how I am impressed by the generousity of people who are willing to share information. Some of you may dismiss this easily like, “Aiyah…just sharing only. Chatting only what…”. However, from my position, I appreciate how all these people are willing to share, and reply so quickly. It probably takes up 15-20 minutes of their busy day to reply me but the information is so valuable!


And the boring stuff like visas and immigration, E will be settling those. Hahaha. Amidst the long laundry list of to-dos, I feel blessed. I hope all of you feel the same as well. Feels like it is going to be a fantastic, and possibly white Christmas! And cannot wait for boxing day shopping!



3 thoughts on “Project London- Counting down.

  1. Simple Mum says:

    So envious of the perfect scenario for you! Going overseas is great and got to be sahm is even better in overseas! Sounds like lots to be done for you! Enjoy the move!

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