29- The Murtaugh List

October 2013








Every birthday brings us back to Mortons. I really wonder how Mister E will be celebrating my birthday in London next year. Heehee. No more Mortons…and we can’t really put the kids with my parents. Most likely, dinner will be takeaway and a cake.


I am 29, one more year before I hit 30. Surprisingly, I am less anxious than I was before. I like being older. I feel much more at peace than when I was in my teens or early 20s. For this post, I will share what are some on my Murtaugh List. The Murtaugh List was a list Ted Mosby(on HIMYM) created around the time he turned thirty. It was a list of things he felt he was too old to do, as a reminder to never attempt to do anything on the list. It’s named after Robert Murtaugh, in the Lethal Weapon film series, due to Murtaugh’s line “I’m too old for this shit”.

What is on my Murtaugh List?

1. Having supper at 10pm and talk the whole night.
I really wonder where I got the energy to go for so many frequent suppers over the week. Yes, I know that I am far from being hardworking in my university days. (-_-)”’

One of my regular supper gang was the Ham Hams. In the good old days, we would supposedly meet up at 10ish at night, only to find each other still online on MSN(the good ol’ MSN days!). Being late for gatherings is almost like a bad habit for the Ham Hams. After much procrastination, Shangz would then fetch Vanny and me. We end up at Simpang, meeting the rest, around 11ish. Usually, our supper sessions ends at 2ish, sometimes later should we adjourn to Weili’s bento bedroom. By the time I got home, it would be around 3ish.  Still, it was possible to wake up and attend the 8.30am lessons.

These days, I will be in bed by 12 midnight, if not, it will be impossible for me to function in the day. So yes, I am too old for supper.

2. Club.
This is like WHAT? No. I cannot stand loud music, alcohol and too many people. No.

3. Go for a buffet and eat almost everything. Especially those cheap dim-sum buffets.
There was a period in time of my life when my friends and I totally dig buffets. Like it started off with some seafood buffet trend at Marina Bay. After 14 days of  being in Vietnam, the V_gang and I actually met up relatively often on weekends to just eat incredulous amount of food for just $9.90. That was just crazy. Gorging ourselves with all the cheap barbecued, poor quality food and thinking it was such a good deal. These days, even when we go for good quality buffets, everyone just eat a small helping of food(Sashimi, seafood, no carbs) that we like. Gaining weight is so much easier than before.

4. Stay over at your friend’s house. Seriously. I just rather cab home and crash on MY bed.
Stay-overs was cool. When you can yak yak yak. Now, I want to sleep on my Sealy Posturepedic mattress. With a minimum of 6 hours of zzz time. Nothing less.

5. Go without Panadol for a headache.
During my college days, I tend to have headaches quite frequently. But I did not want to douse myself with too much medication. Not too good for the liver, I read. These days, I really want to spare myself from the agony of a headache.

6. Eat an entire pint of Ben and Jerry in one sitting.
I could do it then because I thought it was so yummy. These days, I remind myself, “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”. I eat half a pint. Hahahah. Not THAT bad.

7. Talk on the phone for anything more than 20 minutes.
Seriously, why did I like to talk so so so much on the phone?  Now, I actually do not like it when people call me on my phone and I am actually quite lazy to reply messages. It means I have lesser time surfing the net, reading ridiculous information. Mostly, none of my actual business. Plus, I very much prefer to see the person’s expression when I am communicating. Same goes for SMS or Whatsapp. Just not my cup of tea.

8. Take photos of anything and everything.
No. Too lazy. If my friends could recall, there was a time, I was so trigger happy. I take photos of anything and everything- food, myself, myself, my friends, myself, food, window, door…randoms. Now, I take photos of my kids. Just my kids. If I remember.

9. Go to bed without taking off my makeup.
Yes. I was so unhygienic. After a whole night of clubbing, I did really want to sleep and remove my make up later.

10. Going camping or chalet!
Just like Point Number 4. In the same light, it was just too much work and I really do not like to be uncomfortable. Not a fan of dirty, hard beds. Need proper bathrooms. Dislike strange flying insects.

11. Going out for more than two nights in a row.
With the kids in tow, I usually just like to go out on either one of the weekends. Either Saturday or Sunday. I need the other one of the weekend to recover. Like I need to slack and let my brain hibernate. Two days(or worse still, nights) in a row is a killer.

12. Taking the stairs instead of the lift because ‘exercise is good’.
No. Not. Doing. This.

13. Watching horror movies. Or any sort of Final Destination thing.
After a whole week of work, I just want to cuddle up with Mister E, watching something light-hearted, enjoyable or brainless. Think HIMYM, Glee, Zoolander and those of such sort. Watching horror or anything gory does not evoke any sort of positive emotion from me. At all.

14. Dye my hair in a funny colour.
I did dye part of my hair green before. That was a huge mistake. Too old to make such mistakes again.

15. Hanging posters in my bedroom.
Other than my wedding photo, I really do not like my bedroom to be cluttered with any other thing.

16. Let someone talk me into doing something I really don’t want to do.
No. Can’t do. Too old for this.

17. Get a tattoo or a new piercing.
Not a fan of tattoos and piercing. Tattoos are not cheap, ya’ know. I am too fickle minded to have something so permanent on me. Plus, there is nothing significant that happened to me that requires me to ink it in my body.

18. Be afraid to say “I Love You.”
I say “I love you” to my loved ones everyday. Even if they don’t say it back, it is fine. Unlike before, I am not hurt. I just want to say it because I mean it.

19. Go sun-tanning.
I was once very into the sun-tanned look. If I am not wrong, I was very into this golden bronzy look during the wakeboarding days. Very damaging for the skin. Even though I have not started using sun screen on a daily basis. I do not intentionally go for a sun tan. I like sheltered places with the AC.

20. Pretend to be someone I’m not.
Too old for this as well. I like the person that I am. Very much.


will add on the list when I think of more. What’s on your Murtaugh List?

Being older is just awesome. Really.



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