41 boxes.

December 2013

Hello Everyone!

Today is our third morning in London. So far, nothing much has happened. Settled some banking administrative stuff. And finally I get to write HOUSEWIFE as my occupation! Wooots! Dream come true! Ate Peking Duck at Four Seasons. Oh-so delicious! Realised that using our stroller in London tube can be quite a scary experience as there are just simply too many flights of stairs! That pretty sums up everything.

We are still suffering from jet lag because the entire family, except for Kimberly is awake at 3am. Hence, I am by the laptop trying to finish up the blog post  below!

Also, we are pretty much quite un-contactable via mobile and Whatsapp at the moment. Our only form of technology is the laptop when we are in the apartment. Our giffgaff sim cards have not arrived. The bright side of this would be I am giving undivided attention to the kids and not trying to read the news or Facebook on the mobile.


November 2013

41 boxes sums up the everything we will be shipping over to London. For the record, my blog is not dead. I am just really busy with the packing and trying to process everything. Everything just happened too quickly and I am pretty much lost for words.

The boxes arrived two weeks ago and since then, we have been packing, packing and packing. While this is not my first time moving, the amount of work involved is still intimidating. My mother and sister have been coming over everyday for the past two weeks to help me with the packing. Thank goodness for their help in packing because I am clueless at this.


DSC07916 DSC07919

In my 3 years of marriage, we have moved thrice. The first time of me moving was to our Telok Kurau home. I was still very young, in my mid 20s. All I brought along with me were my clothes, bags, books and certificates. It was easy and everything was done with 2 or 3 boxes. The second time was us moving to our current home in JLB. Moving was slightly more challenging because we were already a small family. This time round, the level of complexity of packing went up quite a bit as the move involved 2 adults and 2 kids- clothes, toys, toiletries, books and many household items. I have sold off and gave away whatever that we could. Still, it was just such madness.

The good part of moving is that you get to go through everything at home and realise the amount of garbage that we have been keeping. Useless boxes of electronic items. Dated letters even from the Telok Kurau days. Books that are no longer needed. Diaries! (Omg! I really spend quite some time writing about absolutely nothing in my younger days. Just ridiculous writing.)

Anyway, this is what happened to me after 2 weeks of packing- a swollen tendon at my the back of my ankle and strained shoulders.


*sigh… *
Hopefully, I recover by the time we get to London.
I cannot imagine caring for two kids.
With a limp.
In the cold.
All my myself.



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