December 2013







We celebrated my Papa’s 61st last Friday. Everyone was present except for Leon as he was in Hong Kong for his exchange and Eugene who was busy clearing work in office. It is quite emotional considering how it will be the last time I celebrate the actual birthday of my dad for the next three years. Hopefully, my parents will visit us in London next December so that we can have a post-dated celebration for their birthdays!

Dinner was at Yam Kitchen as usual. My family is pretty much predictable in many ways. People of old habits. Hence, when you are close to people like that, you can imagine how I will miss the familiarity of many things. Currently, my parents and Kimberly are in London with us. The help and their presence are unimaginably helpful in so many ways like how my mother will care for the kiddos in the apartment while we go for our apartment hunting, how they will mind the jet lag kiddos while we catch forty winks. *sigh sigh* What am I supposed to do without them come January.


My Papa is one awesome dad. When we were younger, while he may be strict and all, he was the one who bought us to playgrounds, played Monopoly with us during weekends and constantly spent time and talked(advising/scolding/lecturing/brain washing) to us. I think time and attention is the best gift to any child and he has done that very well. 🙂

And so, Happy Birthday Papa. I wish you good health, wealth and happiness. You are one awesome father to all of us! Hope that you will look forward to retirement and come and visit us in London with Mummy! You guys are always welcomed!



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