Till we meet again!

November 2013

This was the month of many gatherings. Thank you for planning these meetings and being present for them. It was a pity that we could not meet up with more of you as our schedules were packed.


Ham Hams


Surprisingly we managed to meet up twice in November with almost everyone being present for both sessions at Ao Chan and 5 Drunken Rabbits. It has been quite difficult to have suppers/dinners with the Ham Hams especially with the hamlet and hamlings. Hence, I really appreciate how everyone took time off for these meetings. By the time we returned home, the kiddos would be much older and hopefully dinners and suppers could be easier to plan then. Heehee.


Hai Sing Loves


My oldest and bestest group of friends. Dinner was at The Thai Table at Simpang.
Good food but the best take away was the awesome company!


E’s family and BT friends
(and surprise birthday celebration for E!)













E’s mother planned a gathering at a Tampines RC.
Quite a a good location since there was KTV for the older folks. Heehee.
The kids also got gainfully entertained with the toys from the RC.

And yes, Mister E is my awesome husband! 🙂


Family gathering at Uncle Darryl and Aunt Linda’s
(and surprise birthday celebration for Papa!)







Farewell gathering was at Aunt Linda’s where Uncle Darryl and her prepared a hotplate and steamboat dinner for us. Uncle Darryl cooked up fabulous pepper and chilli crabs as well. As usual, the meal at Aunt Linda exceeded expectations. Ever since I was a child, I love going to her house because she stocks up her house with all the most yummy snacks!

The best part of the evening was how she surprised my father with two birthday cakes! Woohoo!
Just a perfect evening with delicious food and awesome company of family.


It has been a wonderful November and you cannot imagine how loved me and my family feel. It won’t be long before we meet again. Till then, please take good care, may you be in the pink of health, fall in love with life, be in love with your family and partners, have a peaceful heart and mind, look fabulous and be prosperous(for your wallet).




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