goodbye jetta baby.

November 2013

And so, Jetta baby was sold to E’s colleague in November. It was quite a tearful farewell for all of us. In fact, I managed to video Ryan bidding a sad goodbye to our Jetta.

If RX8 was our dating car, Jetta would be known as our family car. Jetta was the car that saw us through 2 pregnancies and deliveries, made countless of trips to the gynecologists, to Baby Expos, parties, family outings and so on.

DSC07791 DSC07796


With Project London, we had to let go of Jetta. If not, we can definitely imagine driving her for a much longer time. For now, I am still not sure if we will be getting a new car in London. It really depends on where our new place will be and how comfortable I would be with driving as I would probably be the main driver.

Ohwells, goodbye Jetta. May you bring your new owner the same joy and happiness you brought us.



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