Breastfeeding- Nursing Bras

December 2013

Guess what? Baby Gillian is 8 months and I am still persevering in my breastfeeding journey. I have never imagined that I would be able to last this long. When I was working then, there were times when I did not even manage to squeeze in even one pump session in a day as the schedule was quite busy. The biggest turn-off happened when I saw a huge(like HUGE!) cockroach in the nursing room. I am really afraid of insects, roaches in particular. I suppose that was the day when I  subconsciously decided to just stop pumping at work and have Baby Gillian latch on when I get home. The milk supply decreased gradually. However, the body is smart in the way when the supply will just adjust over the weekends when Baby Gillian just latches on when she is hungry.

In the month of November, I nearly wanted to end breastfeeding journey entirely because I wanted to concentrate on slimming and dieting. It was possibly one of those days when I looked in the mirror and I saw a hippopotamus in front of me. Thankfully, my mother and Mister E managed to talk me out of it, telling me that I look fine the way I am and the usual. E told me if I put my mind into breastfeeding properly(and stop thinking of dieting), the weight will go off. I listened to him and nursed Baby Gillian diligently for two weeks. Strangely, I dropped 1 kilogram. It could be water weight but I was encouraged that I finally reached 51kg. (I was hovering between 52kg and 53kg for a terribly long time. *sigh*)

Here I am still nursing Baby Gillian. Not fully but 70% of the time. I love breastfeeding because I still can grab the double chocolate muffin, eat it and console myself by saying that the food will eventually get to Baby Gillian. Hahahha. Hmm… not sure if this flow of thought is actually healthy.


In the previous post on nursing bras, I shared on the cute and feminine bras that you can get at Spring Maternity. For this post, I want to share on some beautiful and super comfortable nursing bras at staple colors like nude and black and fun options like floral and lace, retailing at Spring Maternity! I got them earlier but only started wearing them a few weeks ago. I love them so much!






The scallop edges are complimented by lace trimmings for this nursing bra. In the light of how it looks (sexy!) and feels (extremely comfortable), it is not hard to see how this has been an all time favourite nursing bra for many mothers. This nursing bra has soft but firm under seams and elastics ensure that proper support and comfort is given without the presence of under wires. It comes in matching panties as well! It is my habit to pair my bras and panties.






With a bow in the middle, this is a adorable yet functional piece nursing bra. It also features soft but firm under seams and elastics ensure that proper support and comfort is given without the presence of under wires. Comes in matching panties as well! 🙂 I also got the same set in another color as seen below because I love the floral prints! Heehee. I am a big fan of cute and feminine inner wear!









If you are feeling lacey, there are also full laced nursing bras to choose from. This set comes in peach and black. I got the one in peach because I thought it has a more girly and youthful feel to it.


Personally, I feel that with such options available, breastfeeding is not as boring and un-sexy as what many would have imagined. It is the time when most of us get the “omph” in the our cup sizes(without any plastic surgery) and it is just awesome if we get to wear functional, gorgeous looking(lace, floral, cute, girly) and comfortable inner wear.

Anyways, if you are a mother who is breastfeeding, lets  加油 and work towards giving our babies what we can. If you are a husband of a breastfeeding mother, please continue to be as encouraging and supportive(like Mister E) as you can in your wife’s breastfeeding journey. (It will be nice if you sponsor her some nice nursing wear this Christmas! Heehee!)


Nursing bras for this post are kindly sponsored by Spring Maternity.



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