Project London- Four Seasons

December 2013

The first London post is surprisingly going to be about Four Seasons, a reputed Chinese restaurant in London. We went there on our second night in London. The standard and quality of Chinese food served at Four Seasons was impressive! The Peking duck in particular was so yummy!


Me and Lil’ Ryan, preparing to leave the hotel for dinner.
(Dressing the kids up for London is still a chore. Just imagine layering the Ryan AND Gillian. Followed by myself. Absolute madness. Back home in Singapore, Ryan is not one of those dress-y kids. He loves to be just wearing a top and his diapers. Initially, I was worried that Ryan would be resistant to wearing his jacket and all. Apparently, kids are really adaptable. When we came out of Heathrow Airport, it was freezing and Ryan actually requested to put on his jacket! Wow wow!)









Us, on the tube to Bayswater for dinner. It is convenient to travel on the tube without kids. With kids(one weighing around 8ishkg and the other is 15ishkg), two diaper bags, one huge stroller(not the lightweight umbrella type but a Quinny Zapp) and flights and flights of stairs, taking a tube was a back breaking job. Thankfully, there were two men- Mister E and my dad around to carry most of the heavy-weight stuff.




Making our way to Four Seasons. You can see how I was carrying Baby Gillian in the i-angel carrier(strapped with a wind stopper) and holding Lil’ Ryan. For the next two years, I will somehow develop some strong back and arm muscles. (-_-)”’ If I am not wrong, it was only 5ish in the evening but the sky was already dark.



Spot E and Ryan in matchy-matchy jackets from Uniqlo!
(Thanks to Evie and her beautiful friend in helping us to get  our winter items at a discounted rate!)


Looking at all these photos just make me miss my family so much more. It has been two days since they returned to Singapore but it just feels like yesterday. We spent 22 days together in the London apartment, seeing each other every morning when we wake up and before we sleep. *sigh* I miss them so much.



Basically, when you have two kids and winter, it is very very very difficult to dress up. This is a concept that I think most people(or is it just Kimberly) who finds it difficult to comprehend. Kimberly feels that I should put in more effort in dressing up or possibly slabbing on some makeup on my face.




DSC08472 DSC08475 DSC08477



Food peektures!


Seafood Noodles.
We ordered Hor Fun as well but I suppose Kimberly forgot to take pictures of it.
Both noodles were so so so good. The prawns in it were very succulent.


Stir-fried beef.


Crab meat and fish maw soup. It may look ordinary but it is definitely one of the best soup I have ever tried in my 29 years of life!


Who ordered vegetables? E did. Hmm… Nice, according to E and my mother. But I am not much a fan of greens. Hmm…

 DSC08488 DSC08489 DSC08490

Peking Duck- Perfect. The best I ever tasted.

DSC08493 DSC08494

Ryan enjoys helping everyone but himself but himself wrap their Peking Duck.


Baby Gillian munching on cucumber.


After the heavy dinner, we had a short stroll to Hyde Park. Did not manage to make it to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park because it was freezing and the kids were asleep. Took the tube back to the apartment.



DSC08508 DSC08515 DSC08523



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