Project London- The 1st day

December 2013

We did not manage to take any pictures on the plane to London because the camera was with Kimberly.

The plane ride to London was peaceful. Amazingly, the kids did not fuss at all. Even if they did, it was very minimal. Thank God! It was a 13 hour flight and the kids slept through 70% of the journey. In comparison, I slept very little because I was on constant  high alert lest any of the kids wake up. The agent whom E got to book our flight seats forgot to get a bassinet seat for Baby Gillian and I ended up having to carry her. Check-in officer could not get a bassinet for Baby Gillian either. There were only 11 bassinet seats and there 13 babies on the flight. Such madness to be on the plane that night. Some kids were wailing throughout the night.

Fortunately, I brought along my breastfeeding pillow(My Brest Friend) and used it to carry Baby Gillian throughout the flight.



Our first photo at the Heathrow Airport. Baby Gillian was wearing her purple winter suit, a gift from E’s Mummy and Ryan’s khaki jacket is a gift from Aunt Peggy. How blessed are these children!



Us, all squashed up in the maxi cab. It was some chauffeur service that the serviced apartment booked for us. The chauffeur did not get the news of our number of luggage and people. We barely managed to squeeze everything into the car after sometime. Quite an uncomfortable ride but still, we managed to reach the apartment safely.



6am. Checking in.

DSC08251 DSC08253

Baby Gillian, safe in Mama’s arms. With my mom around, it is like have a cheat code to caring for kids. All I need to do is to play with the kids and occasionally spend some time reading and teaching them. She will do the rest. *sigh* Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. Now, I am all my myself with the two kids. I am really not sure if I am up to all these. 



The Apartment

The service apartment is quite spacious. E, myself and the kiddos slept in one room. Papa and Mummy in other other. Kimberly slept in the living room. 😛

We moved out to live on our own immediately upon marriage. Both E and I have zero inkling of how it would be like living with the in-laws. It is not as bad as I imagined it to be. The kids wake up in the morning and they go to find their grandparents in the other room. The grandparents play with the kids. My mother and Kimberly will sing songs to the kids. My dad will patiently teach Gillian on walking. In the meantime, E and I get to roll around in bed and have some quiet time. I would consider that a luxury. Of course there are were compromising to be done here and there but totally manageable for the 22 days!


DSC08277 DSC08278


DSC08280 DSC08281 DSC08283

My beautiful children, having bath time with Mister E.

I really hope I made the right decision in bringing them all the way to London so that I get to spend more time with them by being a SAHM. When Ryan starts telling me that he misses his Mama or Yiyi, it just tugs my heart strings and I cannot help but tear. It is just painful to see how much Ryan misses everyone back in Singapore. He tells me that he wants to go Mama’s house to play cars, to cycle to the park, to play the big blue ball and everything. I know I got to snap out from this melancholic mood and be more positive. I need to be an anchor. At least for the kids.

DSC08267 DSC08269


First meal from some bakery nearby.

DSC08271 DSC08272

DSC08275 DSC08276


We went for a short walk around the apartment, leaving a sleepy Baby Gillian and Mama to care for her. Returned about 40 minutes later because Ryan did not want to walk further. Neither did we want to carry a 15kg toddler around in the cold weather. Grabbed some pizza on the way back.

E, the kids and myself had an early night at 6ishpm while my parents went out to gallivant some more.
Such adventurous and energetic people. 😛


DSC08301 DSC08303 DSC08310 DSC08316 DSC08329 DSC08334 DSC08338 DSC08343

DSC08349 DSC08350 DSC08294



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