Project London- Canary Wharf

December 2013

Went off to Canary Wharf to settle some banking stuff. Everyone went out except for Mama and the kiddos. According to my dad, my Mummy will be more than happy to stay in the apartment with the kids than to go out with us. (-_-)”’ Yes, my Mom loves being at home all the time. She is one true homebody. In fact, when they were in London, my mom managed to complete watching two Hong Kong drama serials. I think that says alot.

DSC08412 DSC08416 DSC08418

I love this man. It has been five years and counting of being together and everyday is still awesome!

DSC08421 DSC08423

Kim and me. She used to be much more adorable. 😛


Had free tea and crumpets for breakfast.


DSC08429 DSC08431


Grocery shopping in London is quite different compared to back home in Singapore. I find quite disturbing that fruits like apples and bananas, vegetables like corn, broccoli are priced £2 or even more. On the other hand, desserts like tiramisu and Häagen-Dazs are the same price as well! If it were up to me, I will gladly purchase the sinful options anytime. Unfortunately, I have to be the responsible mother of two and buy fruits and vegetables as well. 😦

DSC08436 DSC08437 DSC08439 DSC08440






DSC08431 DSC08436 DSC08437 DSC08439 DSC08440


I am so backdated in blog. *sigh* Will try to update the next few posts with more pictures! Okay, I am out!



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