Project London- Chillax Days

December 2013

As we were fairly new to London in December, E and I did not venture out with the kids on days that were particularly cold. Having said that, we(and I) have brought the kids out more often in January despite the cold. We realised that London is just bitter cold everyday. So if we wait for the weather to be better, it would be quite impossible to go out on most days. No wonder when we told the London immigration officer that we were relocating to London, he apologised to us for the weather. Heehee.

Most of Ryan’s peers would have started school in January. However, I suppose Ryan’s formal education will only start in April, after he turns 3. I brought over some Nursery books for Ryan and we only managed to get some work done(completed two books) when my parents were around. Ever since we moved to our current place, we have not touched the books at all. *sigh* Bad Mummy. So much for home schooling. So far, he knows only the basics like his alphabets, 1-20 and he recognizes a few simple words. Handwriting wise, we are still very far off. 😦

 So what do we do on weekdays? On most weekdays, we will head to some playgroup where the kids will just play with toys or do some simple craft work. (-_-)”’ I am giving myself some time on the academics portion. First, on our to-do list would be Ryan’s discipline and toilet training. The former is making some good progress but the latter is not.







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