Getting his Udon fix

January 2014

DSC00345 DSC00347 DSC00349 DSC00350 DSC00352 DSC00353 DSC00354

I wanted to continue blogging about my December with my family. But I suppose I am not in the mood because I am still quite upset about an incident that happened this morning. 😦 I don’t think it can be shared on the blog since it is a sensitive issue. Argh… anyways.

Just two weekends ago, we fulfilled two promises to Ryan. The first one being- him getting his fill of udon noodles. For weeks, he has been pestering me to cook udon for him but we were unable to find udon in Waitrose. As fate would have it, we walked into some Chinese diner, Tai Won Mein, one afternoon and thankfully they serve udon as well. And you can imagine how happy the little boy was. He ate 3 small bowls of noodles that meal.

After which, we took a bus to o2. The bus trip fulfilled the second promise to Ryan. Ryan is always asking me or E to bring him on a bus/train ride. He is always super excited and happy on he is on the bus or train. Hahahaha. Easy boy to please in that aspect. We also went to See Woo to stock up on some Chinese New Year items(and also udon noodles) before heading home. That Sunday evening was particularly chilly and windy… Perhaps it is time we should consider getting a car? Mister E?



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