Planet Discovery At Surrey Quays

January 2014

It was a late Saturday morning and we were craving for some KFC. Walked a good 30 minutes before we reached the restaurant.

I am not sure if it was because we have not had fried food for some time but the KFC was so yummy that day!




After lunch, we walked another 20 minutes to Surrey Quay. I cannot imagine walking so much back home in Singapore but I suppose walking is more manageable in the cold compared to the hot and humid weather.

Brought the kids to Discovery Planet which is somewhat like our Polliwogs, just much smaller. It was quite crowded since it was a weekend but the kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly.


Daddy’s girl. 🙂

DSC00318 DSC00319

Me and Mister E. Being a SAHM in a totally foreign land meant that I am much more reliant on E for many things. The truth is I don’t exactly like the feeling of being so dependent. *sigh* Like I literally look forward to him coming home in the evenings. Of course E is really nice and he tells me I should not think so much about all these but still… Maybe I will blog about my thoughts some time later.

DSC00321 DSC00323 DSC00326 DSC00327 DSC00331 DSC00339

I am out!~



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