Gratitude Sunday: My twenty.fourteen


Hello Everyone!

Happy New Year! Okay, this is slightly late but I have been occupied with so many things.

As most of you have known, our small lil’ family of four have relocated to London last December. We only managed to move into our new apartment in on 4th Jan and so far, we are loving our new environment. There is a huge Waitrose (a supermarket) just 2 minutes away from our door steps. Familiar brands like Starbucks, Nandos, MacDonald are just like a short walking distance away. So awesome!

If I met someone this time last year, who told me that in one year’s time I will be staying in London watching over my kids full time, I’ll be laughing at how ridiculous that sounds. Truth be told, it was really a string of events one after another that led to our current situation. Let me try to recollect the list of if-not-for-sequentially:


The Birth of our beautiful Baby Gillian:




(Baby Gillian, sitting on the bamboo chair that is 34 year old. As old as my older brother.)

(Baby Gillian, pretty in pink.)

First and foremost, there was the safe delivery of a healthy Baby Gillian. I am so thankful for everyone who was there for me. My pregnancy was not easy especially with my back and blood pressure issue. But everything was so worth it when I saw Baby Gillian. I recall when I was pregnant, I told E that I was afraid that I would not be able to love Baby Gillian as much as Ryan and that I might be unfair. Turns out that when Baby Gillian was out, I was able to love her just as much as I love Ryan. Love was just multiplied. 🙂  The fact that she shares the same birth date as Ryan and my mother just makes everything even more awesome and meaningful.

When she was three months, we got into the finals of a Baby Show at Parents World Fair and won the Most Engaging Baby Award. She will be turning 1 year in two months time and she is so gorgeous. Her personality is very different from Ryan, milder and more “manja” and I love everything about her.



20131122_183451 20131123_223015

Having Baby Gillian is also a nice addition in Ryan’s life. He realises that the world does not revolve around him and he is starting to be more loving towards his baby sister. It is always very heart warming to see both of them play together and how he tries to kiss and comfort her when she cries.




I always think that having a sibling is fun because I love all my siblings. OMG…especially Kimberly because she loves Ryan so much. She has to tolerate all my bad jokes and humor(on a daily basis) because we are blood related. How awesome!

Being more involved as a Mummy blogger

The next memorable thing would be that I got an opportunity to be a Spring Maternity blogger, i-angel ambassador and one of the bloggers on ilovechildren. Baby Gillian is the lucky girl who gets to try out all the awesome and functional products while Mummy got to do the blogging. I love how the good people at Spring Maternity are people who are passionate about motherhood and babies. The people that I work with are talented, creative and totally down-to-earth. And yes, I am still using my i-angel carrier. Baby Gillian sits on the carrier while I push Ryan on the stroller when we go out without E. It is that useful for me. In the process of blogging reviews and about events, I started to read more Mummy blogs to get a feel of how and what the rest of the mothers/fathers blog about.I have to say there was a period of time I felt quite bad… as in I feel that I am unable to contribute much to my readers compared to the rest of the parent bloggers. No kidding. I don’t have much tips on parenting and seriously, I am quite clueless most of the times. I am learning as I blindly feel my way around this whole parenting journey. All I know is that I love the kids, I am trying to make their childhood as fun and engaged as possible and that they grow to be kind, loving and disciplined individuals. One of my favourite bible verses on parenting is from Proverbs 22:6: “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Personally, I am still struggling with the discipline part but I am praying that it gets better.

Domestic Helper- Not

If anyone recalled, I had a grand total of 4 domestic helpers in 2014. (You can read the drama here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) Both E and I were working and we needed a helper to do the household chores while we cared for the kids. It obviously did not work out and I was constantly stressed out by many maid issues. It is not funny when you have to be at the police station late on a Sunday night, trying to make a police report about a deranged maid or a dishonest maid. Currently, I am doing all the household chores myself on top of caring for the kids. But I am happy. The cleaning are done exactly to my standard, we don’t buy multiple cleaning stuff and not use them, our privacy and family life are not compromised. While I am more exhausted by the amount of work(and my hands are rougher) but I am happier. Our quality of family life is much better without a domestic helper.

Relocation and Me becoming a SAHM

Also in 2014, we made a HUGE decision to relocate to London. E had a work opportunity and we decided to take the leap of faith together as a family.


20131130_122014 20131130_122021 20131130_122024
(Packing 41 boxes was no easy feat. It took 2 weeks of my Mom and Kimberly’s time to get everything done. I helped in the supervision and watching of korean drama. Heehee)



It was a decision made in October 2013 and by November, everything(like 41 boxes to be shipped) was packed, bought all our winter clothes, sold the car and we were ready to go. Quite impulsive and crazy but we are only young once. So, come what may. We left on the 7th December 2013, with so many people wishing us well at the airport. Totally felt very loved and blessed. Thank you!

DSC08233 DSC08228 DSC08220

And I get my chance to be a Stay at home Mom. Yay for me! I always wanted to stay at home to care for my kids and so this is my dream come true. Thank God that my parents and Kimberly came to London with us to help us “settle in” for a month and it was even better that we stayed in an apartment that was located quite centrally. (I really love my family alot. We are quite hill-billy but that is what I love about us. And I am very very very thankful that E loves my family just as much!)



( Baby Gillian in her Gap jacket bought by Mama on impulse.)

(Kiddos, celebrating their 10 month and 2 year 10 month respectively. We are still keeping the tradition of getting them a cake on the 10th of every month!)


(This is the play area for the kids. Always so messy!)


DSC00460DSC00479 DSC00490

So far, we miss home. Family and food wise.

Our favourite morning breakfast from Bedok 85.

20131202_104516 20131202_105022 20131202_105256
(At least, we went to Tim Ho Wan once before we left! Loved everything from the restaurant!)

 However, we are also excited at what is in store for us in London in the months and years ahead! Most importantly, I got my love of my life, Mister E embarking on this journey with me. That itself, is just the best of everything.




Life is just going to be more awesome! Woohoo!



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