The Big Move

March 2014


Last November, E and I faced the dilemma of whether to ship our stuff over to London. From E’s point of view, we could buy everything in London. Obviously, I preferred shipping over my things- like the baby cots, the kitchen stuff, the kids’ toys, books and so on. From my point of view, it definitely made more money sense incur the shipping costs vis a vis buying everything from scratch. In the end, we came to a consensus of shipping “not too many” things. After selling and giving away whatever we could, we ended up shipping 44 boxes of home stuff from Singapore all the way here in London.

We used Astro Movers for moving. I thought the quote we got was pretty reasonable. (It was SGD900 for the first cubic meter and and additional $250 for additional cubic meter. We used 6 cubic meters) Thankfully the move went very well. Nothing was broken and the movers even fixed up the two cots for us. 🙂 The delivery took about one month from the time we confirmed our London address. Everything arrived in our new home two days before Chinese New Year. Not exactly the best time to arrive. Trust me, unpacking with a time crunch was a horror.



(The play area before all our toys and mats came.)


(This is how our current play area looks like.)


(Our family photos line the stairways now.)

Looking back, when my mother, sister and I were packing for the big move in November, it was bat-crazy and it never seemed to end. There were days when I wondered if we “over-packed” and should I have taken up E’s suggestion of buying everything new. However, after unpacking everything and seeing Ryan’s face light up when he saw the decision his toys, all the hard work in packing and unpacking was worth it.

Life is good.



3 thoughts on “The Big Move

  1. Mitchell says:


    I’ve been following your blog & am encouraged by the happiness that you have shared..

    Really impressed by your courage to be a SAHM and move to London with 2 young kids!

    I’ll be heading to Manchester from SG with my hubs soon.. He will be the for masters for 1 year.. Quite apprehensive esp with the thought of quitting my job.. No kids yet and hopefully will only have when we are back in SG and employed.. But there is still an element of surprise & fear.. The “what if” I’m pregnant in UK.. Haha!

    Look forward to read your adventures!

  2. eugenemay says:

    Hello Mitchell

    Thank you for reading my blog. Heehee. Yes, I try to share positive stuff on my blog because these are the things that I want to remember. So if you are wondering, I do have bad days as well. 😛

    You will definitely enjoy your stay in UK especially since you guys are without kids. There will be so many road trips you guys can go on and also to enjoy dining at finer restaurants. And don’t worry if you do get preggie in UK, lifestyle is very relaxing here. 🙂

    When will you be here? Do let me know if you have any questions…. You can add me on on Facebook and pm any questions you have. I will let you know my UK mobile number when you come. Heehee.

    Looking forward to seeing you and your husband in London/Manchester. 🙂

  3. Mitchell says:

    Yeah.. I’ve stayed in Switzerland on my own for about 5 months in 2012.. Totally love the freedom & road trips with my friends.. However I was working at that time, hence was not that bored.. This time will most likely be stay-home due to hubby’s contract.. Being a workaholic, it’s hard to imagine how it will be to stay home..
    We should be moving over in Aug, however no definite dates yet.. Latest by 1st week of sep..
    Okie! I’ll add u on Facebook & ask u tons of questions! 🙂 will keep u & family in prayers!

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