First Day in our New Home

January 2014


(Our first dinner at our new home was from some Chinese take-away. Unfortunately, we are not impressed by the standard of Chinese food in our current place.)

We moved to our new place in London on the 4th of January 2014 with the help of our fellow Singaporean friends, Jacqueline and Ben. Max love both of you! Thank you for helping out!

We love our new home. The interior is beautiful and everything from the sofa, to the carpetting is brand new. (Good for the kids.) Unfortunately, the first night at our place was dreadful. The ceiling lights at the first level were not working and we had to use the lamps. E and I ate our dinner in semi-darkness. Quite romantic though. 😛 The heater was not working as well and the first few nights were uncomfortably cold. Thankfully, everything was repaired by the second week.




The location of our new place is also quite ideal. E can get home from office fairly quickly via a train and our area is very children-friendly. So far, we are loving our London experience.



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