Museum of London, Docklands

January 2014

The Museum of Docklands is one train stop away from E’s workplace. Even so, I did not plan to make a trip to the museum. During my first week in Greenwich, a fellow Singaporean mummy, Claire asked me out for a playdate to the museum. I had to reject her as I was not very confident of moving around with two kids all dressed in winter clothes and taking a train. The sheer thought of it was terrifying.

One afternoon in January, I intended to bring the kiddos out to the National Maritime Museum(which is walking distance from our home) . On our way there, Ryan kept pleading with me to take the train. Hence, changed our plans, called E and we went to meet E for lunch and also to check out the Museum of Docklands.



Travelling with Ryan and Gillian is tiring. I have to carry Baby Gillian on the i-angel baby carrier while pushing Ryan on the baby stroller. Earlier in January, he was not very keen on walking or even using his scooter. However, he is quite different for the past two weeks as he preferred using his scooter. To be on the safe side, I am still pushing the stroller lest he gets tired and refuse to walk.


Us, having fun on the train ride to the museum. Not sure if it is a boys’ thing or what, but Ryan is a big fan of trains- like Chugginton and Thomas. So, you can imagine how excited he is everything he gets onto a train.



Admission is free and it is quite nice how they have a play area in the museum just for toddlers and babies.



Lunch at the cafe.




Walking around the museum, trying to pass time before the play session for the kids starts.








The kids enjoying their play session at Mudlarks Children Gallery.


Ever since our first visit to the Museum of London, Docklands, I have made a couple of trips with the kids again. Currently, the soft play section of Mudlarks is undergoing renovations. So, I suppose we will return once everything is up and running again. 🙂


The thing is that my initial fears of travelling with two kids, decked in winter clothes on public transport is a nightmare turned out to be quite manageable. It is not my ideal situation but I suppose at least it is one tiny milestone for me and the kid.



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