Family time at Greenwich Park

March 2014


Lunch was at KFC, E’s favourite. KFC is probably the most sinful that we eat on a weekly basis. Dinners that I prepare are usually very simple and use much lesser oil.


Being in London with just 4 of us means that we spend 48 hours of our weekends together. There is no off pass for E and me and we have to just be there for the kids 24/7. And as of now, we are still lovin’ it!

With Spring almost approaching, heading to the parks to get some sunlight is the most natural thing to do.

DSC00646 DSC00647 DSC00648

Ryan on his yBike. He went biking only for about 10 minutes before he realised that his scooter was much more easier to maneuver.

DSC00650 DSC00651 DSC00657

We spent almost 30 minutes feeding the squirrels with nuts that were given to us by some old lady in the park. Little Ryan enjoyed himself so much looking for these furry brown creatures.


DSC00660 DSC00661



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