A day out at Milton Keynes

March 2014

Spent our Saturday with my favourite UK family- the Tans. We drove about two hours all the way to Milton Keynes for lunch with Jacqueline, Ben and Lil’ Aedan. All of us also had lunch at some eatery near Willen Lake.

DSC00774 DSC00776

Me with Jacqueline! xxx


The Tans. This special family has helped us so much in the move to our current place. On top of that, Jacqueline always gets nice chocolates for me! This time round, she got chocolates for me from her Brussels trip! How nice is she! :))))

DSC00781 DSC00783

Us, The Yaps.

DSC00786 DSC00788



After lunch, we went to feed the ducks, swans and geese. The children were very much entertained by this activity.

DSC00794 DSC00796 DSC00798 DSC00799 DSC00803 DSC00804 DSC00805 DSC00806 DSC00810 DSC00812 DSC00813 DSC00824 DSC00825 DSC00827 DSC00829 DSC00830 DSC00831 DSC00832 DSC00834 DSC00837 DSC00839


We also went to IKEA Milton Keynes to get more furniture for our house. Had our tea time at Ikea as well.



Dinner was at the Tans where Ben cooked up a storm! Chicken curry and Sambal kangkong! Woohoo! Singapore style!




Thanks Jacqueline and Ben for having us over! Next round at our place! And we will try to cook something Singaporean! 🙂



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