March 2013

I have been up since 4ish in the morning. The kids woke up unexpectedly and started playing. Between E and me, they obviously will choose to disturb me. Ryan kept insisting that I should tell him stories of Skater Boy(that is another blog post for another day) and Baby Gillian kept babbling very loudly, wanting to cuddle. Anyways, I managed to put them to sleep by 5.30ishpm.

Usually, I would be very happy to play with them but I have been under the weather since one week ago. As a SAHM, I am constantly exposed to my kids’ virus. No kidding, The kids have their coughs and flus. Yet, they love to kiss and cuddle me all the time. I always thought that being an adult, I would have stronger immunity but I suppose I used up my ammunition last week. Last Monday, I brought Baby Gillian to see the doctor as she was feverish, coughing and having the runny nose. She was prescribed antibiotics. By Wednesday, Ryan and I were starting to be quite ill as well. We had a telephone appointment with the doctor and after diagnosis, he told us to visit the clinic in the afternoon. So, I had to lug the two kids and my fever to the clinic, only to be told that Ryan and I are having viral fever and we were sent away without antibiotics. (In London, the doctors are really not keen to give antibiotics unless it is confirmed to be a bacteria infection. So they will usually advise to wait it out and drink lots of fluids. Yeap.)

I thought since the doctor said there was nothing serious. I went about doing the usual- going to school, having a picnic and even visiting Milton Keynes on Saturday. Come Sunday, I went incredibly horrible but thankfully, everyone else was feeling exhausted from the series of events that our entire family slept like 70% of Sunday away. We did not even manage to get any sort of grocery shopping done. Monday came and the fever and body aches became worse but thankfully E took time off from work to manage the kids and I went to the clinic. This time round, the doctor prescribed me antibiotics. Unfortunately, I am allergic to penicillin. The alternative will be Clarithromycin and I usually have quite bad side effects from this medicine. Like I will constantly feel like vomiting. Trust me, not the best feeling in the world. I did joke with E that perhaps I could be pregnant with Number 3. And he gave a uncomfortable laugh. Hahaha. By Tuesday morning, I lost my voice and E had to return to work. Knowing that being with the kids 24/7 in the house will be slightly insane, I decided to bring them to school. My Chinese friends and their kids came in the afternoon to have our weekly English/Mandarin reading session. After the play session, they asked if I would like to join them to the park, which I did despite feeling very sick. The problem with me is that I am always worried that I am not doing enough stuff with Ryan at home. So in order to make myself feel better, I try to bring the kids out once everyday.


DSC00912 DSC00914




I also brought the kids out to school on Tuesday and Wednesday, just for an hour or so each. Especially when I notice how Ryan is getting more familiar with the surroundings and is starting to look forward to school, I do feel the need to bring him to school more often. And it is only just for an hour! It is not THAT bad. This morning, I feel officially OFF. Like I am having the chills, the body aches and the temperature. I cannot even get back to sleep. So I decided to blog and also drink some barley drink that I made earlier. My mom told me that according to TCM, barley have some cooling properties which is good for me.

Maybe I will just stay home to nurse myself to health and let Ryan watch TV for the entire day(which I did the day before). 😦


And for more positive updates, I have lost weight since January. The last time I weighed myself in November, I was hovering 51-53kg depending on the time of the day. So I weighed myself this morning and I have finally in the 40s range. Even before weighing, I knew that I lost weight as I could wear my pre pregnancy(before Ryan) Levis these days. The last time possibly 6 months after Ryan’s birth, I was 49kg before I got pregnant again. This  time round, it is a nice number but I am looking forward to be slightly below 45kg. My mom think I am mad but still it is something to look forward to.


With all these rather useless updates, I am out. Okay, it is 8.10am and I should be waking E up for work now.



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