Baby Gillian – 11 months

March 2014





1. Baby Gillian is still being breastfed. Just madness because she refuses the bottle and and she is fully latching. I have to wait for my mom to come in December to help me in weaning her off.

2. She is able to walk a few steps on her own. She crawls really fast though. She hardly used the walker as compared to Ryan.

3. She is not as demure as she was before. While she may not be as loud as her brother, she can be quite feisty at times as well.

4. She is able to call, “Mama” in her 8th month and “Da da” in her 10th month. My mom thinks that I am not spending enough time teaching Baby Gillian and hence Baby Gillian’s vocabulary is much smaller than Ryan’s at 11th month. She is able to understand instructions when I ask her to clap her hands and give me a hi-5.

5. She likes to pretend feed me with a toy spoon.

6. She is no weakling as she is able to fight with Ryan quite well by pulling his hair. In fact, both kids are able to play together and it is really cute. 🙂

7. Baby Gillian is quite an actress as well. She always pretend to cry whenever she sees me or whenever she thinks she misses me. Which is pretty much all the time. Once I scoop her up in my arms, she will break into a laugh.

8. Most of her clothes are hand-me-downs. The first batch was from Charmaine, followed by my new found friends in London like Helena and Zouna. Baby Gillian is blessed to have these generous aunts in her life.

9. Most people will tell me that she is beautiful whenever they meet her. I suppose her best feature is her eyes. It is so mesmerizing that she usually gets away with many things that Ryan can’t. Hahahaha.

10. She is just an perfect addition to our family.



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