Gratitude Sunday: Fever and Recovery

  March 2014

The family fell sick over an entire two weeks with last week. Despite being in antibiotics, my fever reached the highest of 40°C on Wednesday. E had to take half day leave to care the kids for me. By the time he reached home, I thought I could actually die as the fever refuse to go down despite two dosage of panadol. I was lying on the bed, feeling rather miserable and emotional while the kids crawled over me. I recalled looking out the window and and cried as I thought of my mother. I missed home so much and how I used to take the conveniences back home for granted.

I got E to buy me Neurofen from Waitrose and he came home with three types of neurofen and only one that was suitable for me as I am still breastfeeding. I took two cold baths in hope that my temperature would drop and it did slightly but the baths were horrid.(Yes, Baby Gillian is turning one in a few more weeks and I am still nursing. WHY!!! It is really difficult to wean her off.) We managed to make a last minute doctor’s appointment at 3.20pm but we were 20 minutes late as we could not find the location. Turned out that the doctor left as doctors do not wait for anything beyond 10 minutes. In the end, we went to the pharmacy and got some medication and advice from the pharmacist. Thankfully, I started to feel better at night but Ryan fell ill on Thursdays with similar symptoms like mine. His temperature also went as high as 40°C  but there was nothing we could do but to just medicate him with paracetamol and neurofen. It was one exhausting week.


The whole family slept through the entire Saturday and only ventured out for grocery shopping on Sunday.


In our eyes, Baby Gillian is so beautiful. Except sometimes she gets slightly feisty. Hmmm…





Sunday lunch was at Nando’s again. Nando’s and KFC are like our favourite places to go for weekend lunches because E is a big fan of chicken. No kidding. Anyways, we have decided that we will try out other places the next time since the place we live in are filled with cool restaurants and eateries.


For the kids’ coming birthday, E wanted to get a bicycle for Ryan and possibly a trike for Baby Gillian amd off we went to Smyths Toy Store. In the end, we decided to wait for my dad to come in April before we decide on Ryan’s bicycle as we do not really know how to choose a suitable one for him.


DSC01014 DSC01020



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