SG Day 2014

March 2014



29 March 2014, Saturday, Singapore Day. It was a day that E and I were looking forward to as we missed Singapore food and the companionship of Singaporeans so so so much. E fed the kids while I lazed in bed before heading off to Victoria Park. Thankfully, it was not a long ride to Victoria Park.




Β DSC01207

And of course, what better way to start SG Day by queuing up. National pastime! I looked quite grumpy because I decided to skip breakfast in anticipation of the food to be served on SG Day.

DSC01211 DSC01214

Baby Gillian was not in the picture as she was sleeping in the stroller.


Weather was lovely- bright and sunny. Was perfect for a picnic, basking in the sun and enjoying the concert.

DSC01216 DSC01217

Look at the picnic mats that were given to us. Mad cool!
Found a nice spot, set up the space while waiting for our favourite family in UK, the Tans.


My sweethearts.


My first Singaporean dish of the day. The queues for the hawker food were just mad. I think E actually queued for 90 minutes for carrot cakes. The portions were small but thankfully, they lived up to to the taste test. We managed to try Indian Rojak, Char Kway Teow, Bak Kut Teh, Chilli Crab, Chwee Kueh, BBQ Chicken Wings, Carrot Cake and Tao Suan. The men(E and Ben) did most of the queuing. Thank you! xxx I queued about 45 minutes for the chicken wings while Jacqueline was in charge of protecting out territory! Heehee.


Adorable Aedan! *muack muack*


My cuties playing drums on the containers.


Baby Gillian is getting cheekier by the day. She is so playful these days. (-_-)”’

DSC01248 DSC01255

Me and my little one.


Jacqueline and her baby boy.


Baby Gillian, trying to feed me some bread.


Ryan showing his affection for his sister.








Ryan doodling on the jotter book given to kids.


The concert was quite nice. Sang some national songs, watched performances by Dim Sum Dollies, Hossan Leong, Barberella, PCK…. Back home in Singapore, I thought certain behavior of Singaporeans was quite cringe-worthy. I suppose absence makes the heart feels fonder. As I was queuing for food or just randomly walking around with the kids, I was soaking in the Singaporean atmosphere. Just so precious. Now that I am like so far away from home, I truly come to appreciate my fellow Singaporeans so much more.


Group photos!



Us and the Tans- the family who helped in in moving to our current place from the serviced apartment. The first time we met was the time they had to help us in the move. They are just really good people. I love you guys deep deep!


This is the highlight of SG Day! Totally complete the awesome experience by taking a picture with our dear PM Lee! πŸ™‚
Mad happy about it!




Jamie and me. Jamie is someone I got to know through Facebook forum even before we came to London. She kindly responded to my questions and helped me in understanding the basic workings of London.


Around 4ish, we decided to pack up and head back to our place.





Dinner was from KFC! Between the Tans and us, we shared 10 pieces of chicken, 4 chicken fillets, 8 hot wings, 4 packets of fries and one bottle of Pepsi. Was that alot? Hmm… I suppose we were hungry. Hahahaha.


Β *****


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