Monday at Mudchute Farm

April 2014

Once again, it was the start of the week. After spending 4 days with Mister E the week before, the three amigoes definitely missed his presence. I decided to bring the kids out to the Mudchute Park and Farm before meeting E for lunch. I have never been to the farm on my own with the kids. The first time that we went to the farm, E drove there. Even though I have heard from fellow mummies that it was possible to walk to the farm, I have never tried it out.

Finally, I went to get some directions from the internet and decided walk to the farm with the kids. (I am still not keen on driving yet. Perhaps I need a few more months…) Thankfully, we did managed to reach out destination without much trouble. I needed some help from friendly passersby along the way though. It took us about 20-25 minutes before we reached the farm.



Ryan, feeding the donkey some apples from our fridge.





Had our morning tea break at the farm. I am starting to be quite efficient in packing their morning tea/snacks. Their snacks usually include yogurt, cereal/raisins, chocolate biscuits in small packs(it is a treat for Ryan when he behaves well) and two bottles of water. Quite easy right?


Around 11am, there was a session on handling small animals for kids. Hmm…. Ryan was not a fan of touching or holding them. He was actually quite afraid of them. Actually, I was as well. Hahahha.



Look at his reluctant face and smile.


After the farm visit, we headed to the train station. Along the way, we went past a small park and we had to make a pit stop for the kids to play.






Baby Gillian loves sitting on the swing.




Ryan is starting to be very adventurous at the playground. I am actually very worried when he insists on climbing such playground structures as I have to carry Baby Gillian and it is very difficult to monitor him.


Lunch with their Dad Dad at Itsu.



After lunch, we spent some time at Mudlarks at Museum of Docklands.







The Easter break will be ending soon and Ryan will have to start school… I am so going to miss our days like that. Ohwells.



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