Toilet Training Ryan

April 2014




Ever since Ryan turned 2.5 year old, I have been getting him to be toilet trained. I tried every single method that I heard from fellow parents/grandparents and just random people.

1. There was the method of bringing him to toilet once every hour. Despite that, he could still pee in his pants 15 minutes after I bought him to the toilet.

2. There was the one plan where I am supposed to bring him to buy some nice looking under pants. He was supposed to choose some fancy looking underpants/briefs and I would encourage him to not wet his underpants. We did that but it failed. He really did not care about the underpants. I have washed so many soiled underpants. (-_-)”’ So frustrating and gross. Truly.

3. I heard from some people that I should get Ryan to go bottomless so that he will be more aware of  himself peeing. I tried that once and Ryan does not like it at all. In fact, he specifically told me that he did not want his “bird bird” to be hanging out. Okayyy…noted.

4. We bought him a book that is on toilet training. Read to him a number of times and reminded him that “Big boys wear underpants and only babies wear nappies”. He could parrot that quite well but that did not translate into actions.

5. We also bought him two toilet seats(one normal type and one Toy Story toilet seat), one Toy Story step up stool and a £40 Buzz Light Year. Unfortunately, that did not work either.

And so on so forth. In fact, I felt embarrassed whenever people asked me if Ryan was toilet-trained. When I said no(usually with pursed lips and slight rolling of eyes), it just made me look like a lazy and useless mother. After 6 months of trial and error, I just sort of semi gave up and told everyone that I was just going to let him take his time.

Turned out it is true that there is a time for everything. Just a few days after his 3rd birthday, he told us that he wanted to wear his underpants on his own accord. The first few day, there was one “accident” each day. In fact, at this point in time, he no longer have any “accident” at home anymore. In fact, he is quite proud that he is able to go to the toilet himself. Heehee. Today is the first day that he wore his under pants out, to school specifically. School was 3 hours and he asked me to bring him to the toilet thrice. It is quite frequent for a 3 hour span as he is unable to control his bladder yet. But, E and I are definitely happy that our 3 year old boy is making some progress. 🙂

**I am referring to peeing at home. When he sleeps, he is still in diapers. So far, he only poops in his diapers. We definitely still need some work but chuffed for the small headway we made.



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