Walking Milestone Achievement Unlocked: 12 months & 3 weeks

May 2014





Lil’ Princess Gillian has finally started walking at 12 months, 3 weeks. At this point in time, walking is her preferred her choice of movement compared to crawling. She is walking here, there and everywhere. This milestone achievement is almost the same timing as Ryan. She is a toddler. Gosh.

Sometimes, when I look at her while feeding her(Yes, I am still breastfeeding), it seems unbelievable how much she has grown and changed in these 13 months. Time literally flew passed and now, she is a walking toddler. Part of me always feel quite bad towards her because I don’t think I have given her as much attention compared to her brother. But I suppose she is not the only child in the world with an elder sibling. This possibly explains why Gillian is still reluctant to wean off breastfeeding. Hahaha. Breastfeeding is a form of natural contraception and perhaps Gillian wants to remain as the baby of the family for some time.


(Baby Gillian, playing with her Mega Blocks. A present from us for her first year birthday)



Other milestones, at 13 months would include:


1. Being able to clap her hands when we ask her to. She also claps her hands(or stamp her feet) to show that she is happy.


2. She is able to say, “Mama”, “Papa”, “Dada”, “Ge ge”, “Bye Bye”, “Da da”, “Dad Dad”, “Bao bao(carry)”, “Ha-Po(a dialect word that we use to comfort when in pain), “Mum mum”, “Na Na(Banana)”, “Don Dong (Gong Gong, 公公)”, “Tiu Tiu (Jiu Jiu, 舅舅)”, and maybe a few more other babbling words.

3. She shakes her head to indicate no and nods her head to show that she wants something.

4. She is much more responsive. E,g, She expresses happiness when it is meal times and annoyance when Ryan disturbs her. She is able to call my mom, “Ma ma” on the Tango.


5. She is quite imaginative. She likes to pretend to feed me with her cooking toys. She puts herself in a box and pretends that it is a car/boat.

6. She likes cars, legos and playing peekaboo. Surprisingly, she is not very into dolls. Instead, she likes fiddling with Ryan’s toy cars and stacking legos.


7. She can be both independent and dependent. Gillian is able to play on her own for about 20 minutes. However, she can also be very clingy at times and I happen to be her choice of carrier.

8. She likes the porridge that I cook. She likes cheese sticks, cereal, bread, raisins, yogurt, oranges, bananas and biscuits. Her face always light up whenever she sees food that she likes.

9. She loves bath time.

10. She enjoys playing next to her elder brother. However, she gets very frustrated when Ryan starts snatching her toys or when Ryan refuses to share his toys.

11. She has 6 teeth. 4 on the top and 2 below.


E and I are very happy with our lil’ Gillian. She is perfect in so many ways. Watching her grow, smile and learn is a blessing.


On an irrelevant side note, I lost like 20-30 photos while transferring from my memory card to my laptop. *sigh sigh* I am so careless.



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