Start of Lil’ Ryan’s School Life

May 2014




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Ryan has almost been in school for a month. I am thankful that he was able to start school in April as I heard of some students who will have to wait till the September intake as the spaces in school were full.

1. Parents were encouraged to bring the children (who were about to start school) to the school grounds at least a few times a week to familiarise the children with the surroundings and teachers. I did that for Ryan and I think it helped in getting him to habituate to a school routine. Even before he started school, he knew some familiar faces and teachers. I think this helped him in settling his nerves quite quickly.

2. For about one week, he cried/fussed whenever he saw me and Baby Gillian leaving. For the record, we did not leave the school compounds for two weeks. We were just “hiding” in the settling room while waiting for Ryan. One of the best thing about having Ryan in a school would be me having more time with Baby Gillian (she is not a baby anymore but she is still the baby of our family). So while we are waiting for Ryan, I get to spend quality time with Gillian and it is really nice.

3. Ryan had a few wee-wee accidents in school but it is getting better now. I think he tends to have too much fun playing and when he realises he needs to use the toilet, he is too late. We talked to him a few times about it, packed more dry clothes for me in his bag and now we are crossing our fingers.

4. Ryan loves to play in the sand pit and he loves playing at the water station as well. This just means he gets really dirty sometimes. 😦 Fortunately, my dad and my brother are here to help to clear up his mess. Having both of them here is just awesome, they are so helpful, patient and nice. (Totally dreading when they leave… kids will be devastated. I will be majorly sad. One month is just not enough)

5. On one of the days during his second week in school, he told me, ” I don’t want to go school because I don’t like to share.” Sharing is a difficult concept for him but I think he is slowly (but surely) getting it. His teacher told us that we will use some common language to help him in school (E.g. “Let’s take turns.”, “Your turn, my turn”, “Stop. I don’t like it….” and a few more other phrases). I think the use of common language is quite useful.

6. It is nice to have friends in school. I made some mummy friends from Ryan’s class. Through them, I learnt a tip or two on parenting, discipline and recipes for these hungry children. Just a few weeks ago, we got invited to a house party at one of Ryan’s classmates. I think Ryan likes hanging out with this classmate in particular but he will be leaving for reception year in September as he is one year older than Ryan 😦 We are hoping that Ryan will get into the same school as him in the following year as this classmate is turning out to be a positive role model for our little boy.

7. Ryan’s teachers came to our house for a home visit one week ago. This is a way of the teachers to get to know the child and his family. During the home visit, Ryan’s teachers shared with us about the school rules and expectations. Very helpful. They also have this “no mobile” policy in school. Hmmm…. It has been noticed how parents are spending too much time on their phones and they appreciate that parents give their children full attention when they are in school.

8. Now that I am a parent and my child is in school, I feel extremely thankful towards Ryan’s school teachers. I am not sure about how most parents usually feel. Sometimes, I do get the impression that parents take educators for granted. For me, I feel a sense of gratitude towards the teachers of Ryan. I mean, I know my child and teaching him concepts like sharing and taking turns can be really challenging. However, his teachers always have a smile on the faces when they see children. I noticed that they are also very patient in explaining such social concepts to young children. I am happy that the teachers are taking time to teach him, talk to him and even change him when he is dirty. In fact, I am looking forward to Teacher’s Day so that we can get something nice for these kind souls.


Okay, kiddos are awake! I am out!



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