May adventures: Westfield Shopping Centre

May 2014

One of our favourite places to go to with my dad and my brother when they were here was Westfield Shopping Centre. It is a nice place to head to on weekdays when it was cold/rainy. There are plenty of places to shop and eat at. The best part would be that it has two play areas for children- one indoors and one outdoors.





DSC03678 DSC03679




While my father and Leon were here for their holiday, I realised that my younger brother was similar to my mother in a number of ways, especially when it is about the kids. He is very very careful when the Ryan and Gillian were at the playground, often warning them of the possible dangers. He often reminds them to drink their water(more so than me) so that they keep hydrated throughout. He is quite strict and Ryan does not mess around with him. Like seriously, when he was around at our place, he insisted that Ryan kept all his toys only on the mat and surprisingly, Ryan listened to him. (Note to self: I really need to be stricter and firmer with my kiddos.) In fact, when he was around, he made the chinese “cooling” drinks(Luo Han Guo with chrysanthemum) for us weekly. I actually think he will make a great parent when he eventually become one.



Gillian grew particularly close to my dad over the three weeks. She calls him “Ten Tong” and is often seen laughing and smiling in his company. Now that my father and Leon are back in Singapore, Ryan does get quite emotional when he thinks about them especially so during moments when I am lecturing him. He will tell me that he misses their company and how they will always take time to play with him.


Being in London as a SAHM is really different from what I imagined. It comes with the expense of the children growing up without the extended family. We do talk to my family everyday on Tango but like what I have blogged on before, it is just very different. Nothing beats the physical closeness. As for us, being the parents, it also means that we are on duty all the time, including weekends. There are no date nights. We do everything with the children. It does gets tiring and intense but I truly won’t change it for the world because the memories of just doing everything with them is wonderful.

On top of being with the children, the SAHM-ship also comes with endless cleaning and cooking. My boss(Mister E) is fairly cool about these two other components. As for cleaning, it is unfortunate that I have a lower dirt tolerance than E. Hence, I end up spending quite some time cleaning every morning and night. Strangely, I am starting to enjoy cooking though. It might be a result of watching too much cooking shows ala The Great British Bake Off, Masterchef and so on. The shows are so interesting especially when you see new techniques or recipes being tried on. I realised that I am starting to look forward to dinner preparation. Dinner is the one proper meal that I cook everyday. After every dinner, E will give his critique accordingly and I will try to improve for the next meal. Sometimes, once I feel relatively confident of the dish, I will share them with my neighbours and it is just really nice to be able to share food that I took time and effort to prepare. Thankfully, I have the support of Mister E to continue on my new cooking hobby.

Okie dokes, I am going to get off the computer. Back to watching the World Cup! England vs Uruguay!



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