Toilet Training Ryan- Part 2

July 2014


In the case of toilet toilet training Ryan, it seems to be exactly like the phrase, “there is a time and place for everything”. So, a few days after Ryan’s 3rd birthday, he decided that he wanted to be a “big boy” and wear his underpants instead of his diapers. Since then, he has been going to the toilet for only his wee wees. Occasionally, he does have “accidents”, especially so when he gets too engrossed playing or watching television. I did mentioned in my earlier blog post that he was still pooping in his diapers. He always asked for his diapers when he wanted to pass motion. Even when I offered him to help him on his toilet seat, he was still reluctant. E and I did the usual or encouraging him to use the toilet. This time round, we hardly pressured him at all.

Surprisingly, last week, one morning, Ryan woke E up from his sleep and requested to poop in the toilet bowl. No kidding. It was almost like this boy woke up and decided that it was the day that he should have some progress in his daily activities. From that particular day onward, Ryan is always like a clockwork. He poops almost every morning with E standing next to him. I am so so so very pleased that E is the chosen one for the role of being toilet guard for Ryan. 🙂

Coincidentally, this article on not toilet training your child too early was being shared on Facebook. It was shared that potty prodigies could have some health complications in the future. Well, I am not sure about it. In my case, it is not as if I wanted Ryan or even Gillian to be toilet trained, they would do just that. What I learnt from Ryan’s episodes of toilet training(which might not be applicable to Gillian’s case) would be that I should worry less and enjoy the ride of parenthood.

**So now, we are at the final stage of toilet training Ryan- that is to hope that he will be ready to stay dry at night or remember to go to the toilet for his wee wees at night. Do look out for my Part 3 blog post on toilet training Ryan. *fingers crossed*



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