Just What I Was Looking For

19 June 2014

(The kiddos, enjoying their Daddy’s time.)

E is someone I was looking for 24 years. It took me that long to find my other half and I am glad I found him. Because with him, everything is just better.

I have been trying to write my blog post on our 4th year of marriage. I have drafted countless posts, deleted so many paragraphs because I thought it just did not express how happy and thankful I am in this marriage. Just the other day, I was having some breakfast with my Spanish neighbour, overlooking the Thames. We talked about so many things, like our children, of the controversial move of NLB burning the certain books, about our lives in London and also how we found the love of our lives.

Sharing our love story made me recall how amazing and magical our chance encounter was. I am not sure about E but it sure felt right when I saw him. I always told E that I wished that I met him earlier. We would have done more things as a couple and maybe travelled more. Being the supportive partner that he is, he would definitely encouraged me to work harder in university. However, E, always reminds me that it is our past made who we are now. Without failed relationships, meeting wrong people and going through certain life experiences, I would not have known that E was the gem that he is.


Right now, I truly cannot imagine a life without E. He may be many things but he is the love of my life.

Here’s a list of what I love about this man whom I married…

(19 June 2010, at our first house.)

1. E still accepts me for who I am. It is a very fortunate thing to find someone who loves me for who I am, who sees the positive side of me and who always comfort me when I am down. He brags about me all the time. He will be the first to tell everyone on how my cooking has improved and how I doing an awesome job as a mother. He always tells his friends,”老婆最好!” and he constantly tells me that he appreciates me, my cooking, and how I am spending time to care for the kids. In fact, he is my biggest fan, next to my mother. (Actually, it would be a tough fight!) 😛

(February 2009, Chinese New Year at Uncle Amos’)

2. He cares about my family. If you know me well enough, I am very close to my family. He always asks how is my family doing on a daily basis. In fact, he loves listening in to my conversations with my mother. His love for my family itself is gold.

(Me, enjoying my SAHM job. The best job in the world!)

3. He is a man of his word. One of the best things that happened to me is that I am given an opportunity to be a Stay at Home Mom. The initial plan was to retire me by the 5th wedding anniversary. However, I was able to pursue my dream wayyy before our 5th year. Like Yay! I know there are a number of naysayers, thinking that I have wasted my education. The truth is that I have never been happier. To be able to send Ryan to school, to be able to sit on the sofa and read to Gillian, to be able to run the bath for the children, to be able to watch them play… how are all these activities not a dream come true for me? I never suffer from Monday Blues. I treasure every moment of being with them and watching them grow and interact with me. All these are possible because of my dearest E. Thank you, Lao Gong for working so hard to make us happy.

(July 2014. Us, at Hewitt’s farm.)

4. E is passionate about us. He works hard to give the children and me a good life. He would rather be with me, Ryan and Gillian than anywhere else. After a long day with the kids, cleaning and cooking, it is nice to have someone bursting through the door looking forward to see our faces.


5. I love how he is committed to the marriage. He thanks me at the end of all meals. He asks for my opinions. When he is running late for work, he will text me to let me know. Throughout the day, he will whatsapp me to let me know that he is thinking of us. Even before he returns home, he will text me “omw” or asks me if I needed anything from the supermarket.

(July 2014. Strawberries picking at Hewitt’s Farm.)

6. The children love him so much. Ryan, in particular looks up to him. E is very imaginative and comes up with the best bedtime stories. He does get distracted playing his games on the phone and that annoys me quite abit. I cannot judge him on if he is a good father. As long as the children loves him, he is one.

(October 2009. Searching for Halloween costumes)

7. He has a good heart. Whenever we talk about current issues, his opinions usually sway towards helping the weaker members of the society. He will be the first to want to donate to some cause or another. He is a good role model for the children.



8. On most days as a SAHM, I look a distant memory from how I used to look like when we were dating. These days, I am usually without any makeup and my hair is all scrunched up in a ponytail. Not the most attractive sight of me. But, E still thinks I am beautiful. Or at least he pays lip service to me.My favourite praise is when he tells me that I am still very hot to him. Hahhaha. I am superficial, just like that.



9. He gets me. And I get him. We are that comfortable with each other that we are able to finish each other’s sentences or know each other’s thoughts. Our favourite movie is Before Sunset. He likes salty food while I prefer sweet desserts. He doesn’t mind that I whine very often. Both of us love Wikipedia. We read. We are able to discuss current affairs. He is good at reading maps while I am clueless. He doesn’t mind me gushing over Harvey Spector from Suits. E loves bringing me to nice places to eat. We have a common idea of what does “nice place to eat” means. Food is more important to us than ambiance or presentation. We prefer spending on the kids over ourselves.



10. He looks forward to grow old with me. We are always making plans for the future. I suppose in a way, he sees a future with me in it. And, he is definitely in mine as well.


Happy 4th Year, Mister E.
Grow old with me, the best is yet to be.




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