Books, Books Books!!!

June 2014


London is an expensive city. No kidding. Grocery shopping is expensive compared to Singapore. Fruits and vegetables are pricier than junk food like pastries, desserts(tiramisu, profiteroles) and ice creams(Häagen-Dazs, Ben and Jerry’s). You have to make a conscious decision to buy the right thing. Which, most of you would know I am bad at making the right decision. For  £2, you can get a pint of Häagen-Dazs or a small box of grapes….what would you have chosen?

That aside, what I love about London would be second hand books are so cheap! No kidding. Most second hand books(children/adults) are like £1 or 50p each. I have to resist buying more because my place is flooded with books. I am definitely more of a book person than a toy person. E is probably both. E and I are very big on reading and we hope that this love for books to the children will be passed on to the children.

Ideally, when we retire and start travelling, we would then start on the “quaint cafe hopping” that many of you have been doing and updating on Instagram. E would be playing his mobile game app while I read. That will be so, very nice.



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