Father’s Day and Farewells…

June 2014

The arrival of June meant that it was time for Papa and Leon to return to Singapore. Once again, it was back to 4 of us. It did not take us long to get back into routine. With the children, it is seldom that I am kept idle to moan. Fortunately and unfortunately.


Brought the kiddos to Greenwich Park to have a run around. I like bringing the kids out to play in the afternoon. It makes them happy and tired. Getting them exhausted meant that they will sleep early and sleep well. 🙂


Celebrated Father’s Day(and Kelvin/Calista/Zac’s Farewell) twice



The friendly couple- Calista and Kelvin left for Singapore but we inherited quite a number of goodies from them! Like recipe books and baking stuff. Thank you Calista! You are super good hearted! ilu!



I love meeting with fellow Singaporeans in London.

They are the ones who share with us their experiences in London. They are the ones I can go to when I have questions about cultures, common practices and where to get certain asian/oriental ingredients for my dishes. The occasional gathering makes me feel less alone in the country.




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